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Some topics were added for other reasons, though. In the United States, the word corn produces a mental image of large yellow kernels growing on a cob. Improved Topics. Second, some subjects that needed more thorough treatment were enlarged and improved. With the aid of latter-day revelation, the new dictionary adds the important information that Jehovah is the premortal Jesus Christ who was born of Mary. The discussion also suggests that forgiveness and atonement were not part of the reasons for offering the earlier sacrifices but were a later development.

From latter-day revelation we know that a knowledge of Jesus Christ and the symbolism of animal sacrifice were first made known to Adam, and from him to his posterity. Corrected Topics.

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Third, in the older dictionary there were instances of misleading or erroneous statements due to the inadequacy of the Bible in clarifying some subjects. These had to be either corrected or eliminated. The new dictionary employs this and other information relative to the life and mission of John that is known only through latter-day revelation. One of the fundamental doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the reality of the fall of man through the transgression of Adam and Eve.

The Fall was foreseen by the Father and was absolutely necessary in the progression of man.


This concept is confirmed many times in latter-day revelation and is the doctrinal basis for the necessity of the divine Sonship and atonement of Jesus Christ. Deleted Topics. Fourth, some items in the previous dictionary were considered to be of lesser importance, and due to space limitations these were omitted. In most cases, these were references to minor characters or geographical features of little significance. Corrected Terminology. Fifth, the language and terminology of the former dictionary was at times inconsistent with the customary terminology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and therefore needed to be adjusted.

In the same way, Stephen is also incorrectly referred to as a deacon. In that sense all disciples could be called deacons, but not in an ordained sense, and such usage would be misleading. In Stock.

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