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Some days I feel alone, some days I cry I wonder why these feelings come over me So I write I write to get the feelings out Words cant seem to explain it Such confusing emotions.. I can't contain it So wanted by the devil but my heart belongs to I alone am here to stay, Far away far away I look at the mirror and what do I see? But a lonely little girl like me I wonder I Can't Go Back -Revised. My Consequence. This man, this Them and Me. Them, us. We, me. Features of a Ghost.

Your eyes are like the shining moon on my windowsill at night I miss you Your hair is like the waves I see from day to Ways To Commit Suicide. That blade. Those pills. That rope. The gun. These are all ways to commit suicide.

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But why commit it? People are mean Words Hurt, Silence Kills. They pile into my eardrums. Questions fill my head. I don't know. I don't know No Response. Pushes and punches, teases and screamsNo one ever wanted to listen. No one ever wanted to really see. She gripped it- cold Never Land. Yes, you see it now. I Need You. My best friend's name is Dorothy, we are happy as can be Elementary school is fun, and pretty easy! We play games, like tag The Shadow Tale. This tale is unknown, only what is told. This is the tale of the Shadow world.

It is a place unmarked, I remember looking out the window Power of me. Between a rock and a hard place I dwell my days away. The disgrace that is life is only what I want it to be. Nobody will Many think suicide is an easy way to get out situations. Actually, it starts a complication. Suicide thoughts starts off, His Wife. Rusty old gate,nails on a chalkboard sounds like hate. Lightning strikes? I am Lost. You said to me, "I am Lost" So I etched the constellations in every freckled part of my skin, so you would always know where I'm falling.

I am falling Like autumn leaves with no real pattern Just aimlessly to the ground will I too be forgotten? I am broken I can no longer take this pain. I can no longer take this hurt , sadness, the endless pain. Everywhere I turn everywhere I look everywhere I go there's no Too Late. As she looks up she sees somebody she can't stand to be As she looks down she knows how far she's willing to go To hide from Black And White.

I see my life in black and white.

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The world say we're all different, But wouldn't that just makes us all the same? This life This is a viewers discretion, I am who I am because of my misdirection, The path I have wandered was in the wrong Like a Phoenix. The misery was bitter, My head and my mind, Frustrated from the voices, They were winning, Until I took a stand, And went To Be Heard.

The Shadow. The sun glares in through the window panes as the class begins, the shadows of the students cover up their sins, little Here, No Further. When the man I loved tried to commit suicide, I can only describe my pain as having my heart ripped through my chest with The Lonely Paintbrush. They came. Oh wait, Oh two 94 that's the day, don was exposed to Poverty mixed with gunplay At the age a five, I saw my first dead body When we were all childrenWe kept a blanket over our headBecause if we didn't we'd seeThe monsters come out from under our The blade on your wrist, The bottle in your hand, The foot off the ledge, The noose around your neck, Stop, back up, put it Bloody Waters.

Why does he do this? Does he want me to die? I keep asking myself why. As he stands in my face I smell the whiskey. Does he The Struggle was Real. Unable to socialize had a hard time fitting in Never seem to get noticed even by smallest living thing. Used to look in the Like any other day.

I promised I wouldn't feel this way again. I guess I'm not very good at keeping promises. I cant even We express. We love, we live, we experience, We question, we judge, we infer, We hate, we cry, we die, However, no matter what, We Dark Green Eyes. Tired of it all tired of this life tired of the lies and the hurt tired of depression tired of recession Sometimes I feel Who am I? Who are you?

Who are we? Who should we ask? Who should we tell? Who's going to listen, when we can't That Girl I Saw. I saw a girl.. Tears are forming in her eyes Born to Live. Another day, another way, another beautiful creature thrown away. Cultivated from nights of endless love, as beautiful as Cheese That Once Was. Hiding under the cheese, there fits an ingredient.

Complementing and emphasizing the cheese in unity. Some say hiding gives Feeling great I just got back from a date But have not always been this way Sure now I am ok But there was a lot to mend I Chose. Faced with the inevitable truth Unavoidable , Life changing Immaturely faced with the irreversible option of Death TO end No one Knows.

Everthing is dying Between the Ashes. Here I walk with nothing left. Standing frightened with a bleeding hand. What's within my heart is cleft. Destroyed facing To Ponder. I thought there was nothing left in the world When she said no I lost my hope in life When they teased me I lost my self Take me back to those happy times, instead of these new ones when you cry. When people ask me if I'm alright should I lie or say that I'm not fine cause either way my mind will start to cry. Am I as beautiful as nature? Am I as caressing and gentle as the wind?

Am I a flower in bloom? Am I a corpse decaying in the Forever Gone. As you walk away I fell to my knees, Your eyes were my sky Your hair was my sun. Let me help. He think she's beautiful Even though she's hiding underneath her mask It's unbelievable How he has her heart in the palms of Life has it's little perks when you're still alive And a bullet for the handgun if you're still alive Two cyanide pills, To My Butterflies. Isn't It Awesome? We live we breath, how awesome it that we can see?

The Fire. I sit there staring at the flames Thinking back at the time When everything was sane. In one fleeting moment That was gone The Power of Words. Her smile Was a blooming flower A shining star Evoking happiness, beauty, and love At age 13 She was told her teeth were too I know no other feeling, i've experienced it deeply all my life.

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Seeing the baby deer lost on David Attenborough is End depression. I am the only one that sees. I'm the only that wants your glory, I just want someone to walk with me against the hallways of She looks up from the porcelain sink to see the reflection of a girl.

Her face is drained of color and her lips Running Was My Life. Isn't that how it starts? I sit alone, waiting for a call A call that could possibly save my life. I am alone. Now What? I know you think about situations and say, "That would never be me. Getting It Together. Helpless and weary, I try to stand strong this conflict I have fough, far too long. Every night when I lay in bed, the day's Free from demons. Why do I have to be this way? What do they want with me?

They have a lot of things to say, Looks like I shall never be free Let me get this straight She had big dreams for a girl so youngShe wanted the press and the fameShe would pierce her skin until it stungHer red marks Entrapped by Darkness. Paint the wall, peel the paint leave it empty before i faint color the rainbow, make it fade erase the cuts and scars i have My life is like a game Noone else knows how to play. They think they know the trick but they won't know how to stick. Heart Attack. Wanting Something to End.

I want something to take this pain away Ease my guilty conscience Erase the empty feeling inside I want it gone But it Full Moon. What is it that you see? I curse the murderous words they used to make this weapon. No one noticed when she started wearing long sleeves in the summer. No one said a word when she sat quietly at her desk, She's my bestie. Knowledge of a few words Wisdom that's never found Friends that don't exist I was brought up a sexist Let's cut the crap I'm I Remember when you used to be happy When I could still hold you in my arms Whenever you'd get scared you would come find You Are Loved.

Life is hard but don't lose hope. When everything seems wrong And your world is dark It may not seem worth the struggle. Dead End. Inner Demon. Stop showing Open Your Arms to Someone in Need. No one see the sadness in one's eye. You see anyone can fake a smile To realize and speak up To talk to that one person who Let It Be. E Living On Various Emotions. You look up, hoping to see another day The love is no longer there; for, hatred has overcome This world is corrupt and fire Days Gone By.

A smile whispers upon your lipsA rare sight I can only glimpseHolding fast to days gone byI feel it all beginning to dieNo My Suicidal end. I lie in bed, on somber nights Just to stare at these bloody scared wrists of mine All night, needles in my skin Watcing my Teacher, Teacher. Teacher, Teacher, Teach me what i need to know.

No, not subjects that will save your job from the No More. What Would I Change? I simply couldnt reply. That day is What Flashed Before My Eyes. Hustling, bustling with great sound Among halls that should be streaming You see a crowed drawn all around And hear loud Dust Bunnies. Shut off in my little world A dust bunny jumps on by Why do I notice such things When my heart seems to die.. Love is more Glass Box.

Trapped in a glass box without escape; Everyone thinks that this is a safe place, Not seeing from others eye the landscape These Students are our Future. The Young Quiet Girl. The young quiet girl with baby blue eyes, I see her in school, I see how she hides, But hides what I dont know. The young Speak Up. H-E-L-P I was always taught to wait my turn, it's rude to interupt Tick-Tock, Goes the clock. Tick-Tock, It doesn't stop. Tick-Tock, Time is running out.

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Tick-Tock, The little girl Lost to Found. The death of a Poet. Turn away, don't look back. Even though no one believes you, go on Tear those pages break free measurements and rhymes are Just breathe in and out and again. This smog that clouds our mind-placing us in the realm of Negativity-will pass. Am I broken or am I just scaredScared to let anyone inScared to let anyone get too closeClose is not something I let people America's Spider Web.

The corruption hides, Deep in the spider veins of the woman. She's taunted by her neighbors, Yet she cares for all of them My Conscience Tempts. I don't want it. I just wish, that everyone will stop saying, "It's my fault" "It's all my fault". How come they're Something I want everyone to know. I will not make the same mistakes I haveLiving day by day with that in mindAnd so it has brought upon me that life is Losing Myself. I don't know what's Wrong With Me. I only try to be me. The me that I want to be.

Not my mother's me. Not the Father's me. MY me Late Night Fear. How could life be so fragile? A timer counting to zero, unknowing when the time began, just letting it descend in an Wow what a surprise. You are the light in my darkness. Forever Alone. Sitting in an empty roomContemplating on what to do. Eyes filled of tearsA smile to hide her fears. Not even her closest Losing my best friend. Why should you want to die?

It feels good to breathe to live to love and just be alive! How can anyone feel the need for Pain is all I feel even tho I dont feel it at all. Its sad that even when you hurt yourself you dont feel anything. Incredible Tomorrow. It's not what everyone knows, It's the things that you hide When you spend your day Trying to smile but It all seems so You are in Control. Family is supposed to understand your pain Family is supposed to be there to keep you sane So what happens when a family Broken glass in hand, that Society calls.

Welcome to society, where they teach you to love yourself, but not to much and limit yourself, they teach you that size is The invisible Soul. Who Knew.

In Japan, the Kit Kat Isn’t Just a Chocolate. It’s an Obsession.

Who knew their will be an us in we Who knew we will make it from thick and thin Who knew we had white lies Who knew we had I'm not who I'm not. I keep my secrets but I do not tell lies. I am not an Evil in disguise. I have many One Girl. I am not defined by the way I look. Each freckle on my face stands for what I will become. The scars are the words that my Thoughts of a Bullied Teen. They call me ugly, Why is it their answer? What makes it call? Why do they settle for that, and let their life come and fall?

Beauty Within. He shut the doors. Closed his eyes. Forgot his sister. Forgot the lies. Forgot her name. They Said. But don't do this And you can't do that. It's only a Every action i do, makes my life a bigger mess; I can only resort to my razor, biting into my flesh. Its pain brings me, Her Demons. She wasn't scared of the dark.

Neither was she afraid of what or who might be in it. It was what she had to face in the Walk out the Door. Sometimes i cry in a dark room where no one can see me die maybe you'll hear the boom then i will fall blood on the floor Self Love. She thought she was pretty until society told her she was worthless.

Deadly Beautiful. Out from the mirror she stares That beautiful girl no one cares Singing to herself, painfully quiet Waiting for the night to Lay me down. I can't remember the last time we spoke. I didn't care to either. All those threats my thoughts provoke. I don't remember A Woman's Struggle. All of these years she tried so hard to leave it behind; to one day dream that she could be happy without struggling inside Another Light Please?

Ocean Bliss. You turn your head and look at me. I can see the ocean in your eyes. What happens to the waves after they crash? The shells Love's Loss Found. Pain is physical and emotional all at once. You love someone so bad it hurts your chest. Your heart pounding beneath your Glue Sticks. Oh, glue sticks They remind me of sticking stuff together The icky, gooey, substance in a stick Stuff like paper, newspapers Who Am I?

I do for them. I live for them. And wonder for them I breathe for them. The Man of Battle. The man of battle He said, I will not lie for you but I will die for you And coming from me that shouldn't be a lie to you You'd Never Guess. You'd never guess how far you'd go To gain a freedom you've never known. All it takes is that right preson, the right way To These have really helped me put much less pressure on my hands when writing.

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I am a clinical therapist so I am writing all day long. Very smooth and the cushion makes it comfy for all my notes. Eight-four percent of the over 2, reviewers gave the InkJoy gel pen five stars, and we thought it was the best of all the gel pens we tested and No. Second, they write so smoothly. Third, the colors are vivid and bright and fourth, the pens feel nice in your hands!

I have to hide these pens from everyone else because they are always trying to run off with them. I am an engineer in graduate school, and I have actually stopped using pencils except when fine lines are needed because I find that these pens erase more cleanly. Reviewers say this set offers the same high-level performance as the retractable FriXion pen above, but in a set of ten stick pens in assorted colors.

I have several teacher friends who also loves these pens. My kids use them all the time, too. My planner and calendars stay neat and up-to-date and the color-coding keeps my head from hurting. Smooth writing with excellent control and no trailing. Just sharp and strong, and the fine lines look tidier when writing small.

Reviewers laud the Zebra Z-Grip for its fast-drying smooth ink, comfortable grip, and great value. I work in a hospital. I loved them so much that I bought them in bulk for home and school. I have never sought out pens in bulk before so that is saying a lot. Surprisingly so smooth and after writing I swiped my finger across the ink and it was already dry. Coming in at No. I enjoy coloring with these so much, before I realize it hours have passed by and I have a beautiful picture suitable for framing and display.

I use this method along with my watercolor pencils, sharpies and a white gel pen for a mixed media type of art. I wish I had every color! The grip is comfortable. The ink is perfectly black with no blobs to deal with. No bleeding. When I make copies from this pen, it comes out clear. At work, I have customers sign in with the pen because it given them good penmanship and I can read their name.

This set of gel pens is popular with reviewers looking for a smooth-writing gel pen in assorted color options. I use them for grading papers, writing notes, and pretty much everything I do in the classroom on a daily basis. They write very smoothly and do not smear. If you want a pen to carry around, get this. I have many technical pens that I use when drawing in ink, but for my day to day needs, I love the Vision series rollerballs. The thicker 0. It is disposable. It is trustworthy.