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What is the nature of policing versus the nature of the community? So we wanted to look at that.

And the polarization of America is something that we acknowledge. She also has quite the social media following, which raises the question of her true motives.

Philip Pullman

You find the next bright, shiny thing and you go. So, people in these movements are finding it more difficult to sustain. We all thought that that was a fascinating thing that Irving [Lance Reddick] exploits but also a kind of fascinating comment on the world that we live in. The Koreatown Killer Monti Sharp , who rides around town on a bicycle and guns people down, had been teased throughout last season. After that sudden and ignominious death, it takes only a couple of days for Det.

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Moore and Det. That gives the show a very authentic feel. In particular, the frequency and depth with which the characters discuss popular Los Angeles eateries is enough to inspire a culinary tour inspired by the show. Sadly, some known L.

C. Augusto Valdés

This year, Det. Robertson Paul Calderon gets introduced to the Smog Cutter dive bar in East Hollywood and is seen frequenting it and getting cozy with the bartender. Sadly, the Smog Cutter was closed at the time of shooting. In the case of the restaurant Ciudad, its closing was worked into the script when the police call a witness out who had used a visit to the eatery as an alibi. And somebody knew about it, so we used it. What makes him tick now?

Too Cold to Love

Edgar Jamie Hector and his personal life versus professional life and his partnership with Harry. Does he stay? Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. It's disappointing that "Black Mirror" Season 3 -- one of the best TV seasons ever -- ended with a story that feels a little like "Sharknado.

Topher Grace's lovely performance as a tech guru who hates beeps, bloops and push notifications as much as you do saves this from being a pretty run-of-the-mill hostage drama. But it is a "Black Mirror" episode that could happen right now, in the present day, and we always like when the show pulls that off. Sure, this one's scary, but it's just scary. There's some "Purge"-quality social commentary here, and that's nice.

But "Black Mirror" is usually smarter. This episode relies too much on typical scares to be among our favorites. The sudden turn into real-life horror is more affecting than the haunted house scenes. This feels like the umpteenth episode of "Black Mirror" in which someone's digital soul becomes trapped outside his or her body.

Here’s Why You Hear That One Song Over and Over in ‘Black Mirror’

This time the victim is pop star Ashley Miley Cyrus! We like her , who ends up inside a robot toy owned by one of her adoring fans. A caper to reunite mind and body ensues, making this one of the funniest episodes of "Black Mirror. We recommend this episode, and all the ones that follow, with zero reservations. This episode has the best setup of any "Black Mirror," and seems poised to launch a savage critique of over-parenting. But it doesn't escalate as much as we expected it to, and can't quite live up to its brilliant concept. We think about this episode every time we ride an exercise bike, which probably isn't often enough.

This mean little story feels all the meaner because it's so easy to imagine it happening in real life. It's a perfect first episode, because there's no better test of whether "Black Mirror" is for you. Letitia Wright and Douglas Hodge counter the ugliness with some beautiful acting. Hey, Alexa: Is this episode just a stripped-down survival story? Just asking. If Alfred Hitchcock had done a "Black Mirror" episode, it would go pretty much like this. A frosty blonde antihero Andrea Riseborough tries to outsmart a relentless insurance adjuster.

A rodent gets involved.

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Sentiment-free, it's the most "Black Mirror" episode of "Black Mirror. No episode of "Black Mirror" will leave you feeling worse about humanity than this one. The ultimate prank is on you.

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Oh, also? It could happen. Similar things have already happened. And it's one of many episodes that remind us to never let anyone make a digital copy of your soul. By far the most ambitious "Black Mirror," "Bandersnatch" does something never before attempted in serious drama, using the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format to ask provocative questions about free will and power.