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Hi Amy. Trish xo. Cute bags. I like that polka dot one you made and love the flowers you added to each one. Very cute. Thank you for the tutorial. What a great bag! My daughter was just looking for something like ths. She caught the sewing bug this summer! Great tutorial! I have the fabric—just have to find the time to do something for ME instead of someone else! I always make a few bags and will be doing this one for sure!

I really appreciate the fabric — the dots are very cheery. I started making a couple of table runners for Chrismass gifts for family and friends. Fantastic bag… I love the simplicity of it! I cannot wait to use this for some friend gifts! Cute and simple bags! Thanks for the tutorial. I am not sure what I want to sew for Christmas yet. What a wonderful tutorial! Love your bags. Thanks for the chance! Those are so cute. They would make a cute gift bag for a special present too.

Such a great tutorial! The way you attached the longer strap is so clever! I will definitely be trying this out. Thank you for this!!! And thank you for the giveaway! Thanks for the great tutorial! I am planning to make some Loyalty card wallets and key fobs for Christmas gifts. EMAIL: marshudson at comcast dot net. Thanks for a great tutorial! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway. I made your tote this morning and it works great. I have to do 3 more.

Thank you so much for this. I really needed this. I had no clue what i was going to give as gifts. I so want to learn to quilt like you but my problem is i need someone here to show me then I can take off on my own: I love your blog and I am going to keep reading and learning. Thanks again.. I love your bag tutorial. Good pictures and easy to understand instructions.

The best tote bag tutorials

I can see my granddaughters making this one. Thank you. Great tutorial. I love the bag and your tutorial. I have only made one bag before and it was totally wonky…I think I could actually follow your directions and make a pretty good bag. Those bags are adorable. I know a lot of people who would love them, so I might make a few for Christmas. Thanks for the tutorial! I love your bag. So simple yet pretty. Love the tutorial! Sounds fantastically easy!!!

I pinned it so I can come back and make some later!

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Love the tutorial. I will have to make a few of these. I have a niece who loves purses and bags. I am going to be making dish towels and wash cloths sets for christmas this year. I will probably be making a few clothes for my nephew and niece too. Great little bag! Thanks for the tutorial and the giveaway! My kids really liked them. For Christmas I would like to make some clothes for my kids or maybe a quilt.

Thanks for the giveaway! I always make ornaments for christmas. Sometimes i crochet, sometimes i felt. Still deciding on this years medium. Darling tutorial! Nice tutuorial! Thanks for the giveaway. LOVE your tutorial— those totes are so nice! For Christmas this year, I hope to find time to make a potholder set for all the cooks in my family.. Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!! Gift certificates are the. I love these bags! Maybe I could use them as gift bags!

Every year I do a little more and this year these bags are going on the list. Love these bags, might have to make some for Christmas. I would like to make my daughter a messenger bag for Christmas. She loves dragons so I would like to use my embroidery machine to place a dragon on the flap. I am lucky to have 3 daughters and 1 daughter in-law. They do love bags. This will make a wonderful gift bag full of goodies. Judith, Texas. Love to win the gift certificate! I am making girly things for my granddaughters for Christmas.

What a beautifully simple bag — an absolutely fantastic gift! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway Amy and Elizabeth! Thanks for the tutorial — like the boxy bottom instructions. For the first time ever, my brother told me that he liked the color of a fat quarter I had and wanted me to make something out of the fq for him. Thanks for the tutorials! I want to finish the two quilts I have, a mother and daughter quilt, for Christmas. Might just have to whip up a bag or two with the scraps to go with.

Thanks again! They are a wonderful idea for Christmas. It should happen! Thanks for the great tutorial. I may make a few of those forChristmas. I have lots of fat quarters for sure. Those are adorable! My daughter in law has been after me to make some small bags for ballet shoes for a long time. My granddaughter has danced for 5 years and I have yet to make her a bag let alone the other girls that attend this dance studio.

And what about other goodies for girls like doll brushes and doll clothes or whatever. You are so sweet to share this idea and I thank you more than you know! What a nice tutorial! You showed it very well though. I like the fact that this tutorial uses a fat quarter and you get a cute bag out of it!

What a cute bag!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Thanks for a chance to win! Fantastic tutorial!!! The directions are so clear! I am making several quilts and some wall hangings for Christmas this year! This is a great idea — thanks for posting the tutorial. What a cute bag!

Thanks for a great tutorial and this one is going on the to-do list for sure. I have a tablerunner and some zippered bags I want to make this year. Thanks for the cute bag tutorial! Maybe next year? Great bag, Amy. Your tutorials are always the best. Love the dot fabric! Thanks for the chance to win. What a clever idea for a fat quarter.

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I would like to make a quilt for our bed for Christmas. I have made them for both of my boys but every year, our bed goes undecorated.. I am currently working on a Christmas quilt, so I hope to have that finished by this year! What a great tutorial…love the bags! I plan on making some table runners as gifts for Christmas. Thanks for the sweet giveaway! I would like to make table toppers as gifts. Now, whether I have time…. I am plannng on making some bags and fabric Christmas cards this year. Thanks for the chance to win!

What a quick and easy gift! I love these bags. I will be whipping up some of these for the holiday season! I also plan to make everyone on my list a christmas ornament. LOVE the bags! This would make a great lunch bag for the girls! Wow, look at all these comments! Hi, thanks for the fq bag tut.

I made one last night, I plan to make the variation style today. I am hoping to make some cute Christmas outfits for my two grandkids for their Christmas card photos this year. It will be my first time sewing for a little boy. Even I think I can make that bag after following your tutorial. Thank you for the clear instructions and the fantastic give away from the wonderful Pink Chalk fabrics…just love their fabrics. Lovely bags — thanks for the instructions. I have made some bags for gifts too but I like how quick your idea is. I was in the middle of a comment when the power went out!

But during that time I remembered that I have actually started a christmas present for my BF. They love being knights and having wonderful hats with feathers a la 3 Musketeers. I hope I remember them long enough to get them done! THe bags are great. A girl can never have too many bags, and these are adorable! Every Christmas I tell myself that the price of gift bags is outrageous and I should really make my own. This pattern is perfect for me to do just that! So many possibilities.

Love these bags! Just two nights ago I was thinking about trying my hand at making some bags to put little gifts in for co- workers ,etc, and then found your blog! I just wanted to thank you for doing this tutorial. I now know how it works because of your generosity and patience. You are a blessing to all us visual learners out.

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I would like to make rag quilts for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Lovely tutorial. What cute bags. Cute bags! Could see making those for my nieces this Xmas. I need to make the tree skirt that never made it to the cutting table last year before Xmas arrives this year:.

Thanks fr a giveaway! I love these adorable bags. What a great giveaway for my birthday! For Christmas, I have a ton of easy quilts waiting for me to finish and also, a couple of stuffed animal blankets a plush toy split in half with a small blanket in between. Love the bags! Definitely going to be trying one! Cute bags…. Your tutorials are really good. It is my first time making a quilt and I made one with your tutorial. I would like to try the tote bag but it seems quite small, if I want to make a slightly bigger version, would you happen to have the measurement?

God Bless…. This is so cute and looks quick and simple. It would also make a cute little bag for a toddler. Just big enough for a toy and a snack. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabric. I found you from Brassy Apple link party. I loved the detailed description of this bag. Found your tutorial on pinterest. Tried this one tonight and I actually made a bag! Thanks so much for such an easy to follow tutorial. Thank you for this easy to understand tutorial! Just what I have been looking for! I found you at Pinterest! Had such fun making these! Posted a link on my blog to your tutorial! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

I had bought the fabric knowing I wanted to make a few small totes to use as gift bags, but had no idea where to begin. I was able to make the two bags I needed this evening in less than 40 minutes. I just made a tote tonight following your instructions. It is a fantastic way to make these. Fast and easy. HI Amy, I love this bag pattern, I have made several of these with added special touches.

I made one with special water proof lining for a little boy to carry his grapes in, his favorite food. Thank you so much for sharing. Fun, fast and easy. Happy Creating. I had fun doing this tutorial! I made mine bigger, but used your general pattern. I got too excited about being nearly done, and messed up on the gussets. Still a great project, linked back to this tutorial in 2 placed within the post. Thank you for the detailed step by step instructions.

I just made my first bag and it is adorable. LOVE how easy this little tote bag is to make. I am making up a bunch for the Chemo Patients at our local Cancer Center with snacks, puzzle books, candy, etc. Made two of these bags last night and they turned out great! Bless the lady at the sewing store who cut us some muslin to practice with…. Just ripped it right down! Of course there are a couple crooked places but I feel like a couple more and my technique will be much better. Thanks for making my first big sewing project a success! I did change the dimensions a little, to work around the fabric […].

A great tutorial, I have just finished making a bag to use for taking lunch to work. Its very cute. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the detailed instructions and taking the time to write this tutorial. Making a bag right now. This is so cute.

I made two last night. Thank you for all the details and pictures. I was able to follow exactly even with the help of my 7 year old who wants to learn to sew. I have made hundreds of these. One change I made was to leave and opening for turning in one of the ends between the handles instead of in the lining. Since I like to topstitch the top anyway this takes care of closing the opening and saves a step and looks neater. Great bag- as a beginner it was a good project. I only wished that after I cut my material that it was so small. I will use the pattern again to make a bigger bag! I loved this tutorial.

I made the purse version today, but I am going to make the tote bag version Friday. Wish I could share a picture of the adorable bag I made using your instructions. Thank you! I just want to thank you for this wonderful tutorial! I love the bag and the second variation. Love this!! Can you comment on the difference in the FQ bags if you use interfacing?

What are the advantages? Interfacing would give it more weight and stability for sure. Just a personal preference on how structured you want your bag and how much time you want to take. THere is no right answer. Thank you for sharing this project, I love it! When sewing the gussets are you sewing the outside fabric and lining together as one?

Yes, I sew them together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. You are going to love this patchwork tote bag. This is so reminiscent of bags that my grandmother used to carry. I love the colors and the quilted look to it. Instructions and Pattern: mypatchwork. This tiny little tote bag is cute in itself — but the real surprise is that it holds a full sized tote bag inside. This is perfect for taking shopping!

You can carry the small bag and then flip it out and use the larger bag to hold your purchases. I love the design of the tiny bag and would use it for smaller items. The fact that it houses a larger tote bag is just icing on the cake! Instructions and Pattern: sudarushka. It looks like a huge traditional tote bag and will hold all sorts of items.

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  6. Plus, you only need the legs of your old jeans to make it — you can totally make this one and the booty bag using the same old pair of jeans! Instructions and Pattern: craftingagreenworld. You make it with dish towels. You can easily find dish towels on sale at the Dollar Store for a dollar each. Just imagine the number of bags you could make! Instructions and Pattern: annamariahorner. This one only requires one dish towel and of course, matching thread.

    I love this idea for letting the kids help with their tote and then using that tote to carry books that they check out from the library. You get to share a craft with them and encourage them to read at the same time! Instructions and Pattern: ihavetosay. This is such an easy DIY reversible bag to make, and you can have this one finished in just a couple of hours. I love reversible bags. I really love how easy this is to make and the possibilities are endless as to what you can create with it. Instructions and Pattern: instructables.

    Or, you can make your own canvas bag and then use this gorgeous doily effect to decorate it.

    Never miss a new pattern!

    You use a paper doily and canvas paint to create the design — in whatever color you prefer. This is a wonderful way to dress up a boring old bag and make it fabulous. Instructions and Pattern: ashleyannphotography. This dress stitchery method of making a tote bag leaves you with a gorgeous bag that is very reminiscent of old time dresses. It has a great embroidered dress design in the center that is also really easy to make. Little girls — and big girls, too — are going to absolutely love this elegant and old-timey tote.

    Instructions and Pattern: amelieandatticus. The construction is really simplistic. For a smaller bag, you will only need about half a yard of material. Instructions and Pattern: needleandspatula. This is a really great bag if you are into gingham and denim. You need two pieces of fabric, denim and gingham, about 18 by 40 inches long. To make the bag, you literally just put your fabric together with the right side facing in and sew.

    There are a few additional steps, but you get how easy it is, right? Instructions and Pattern: catcancook. This bag is very unique, very easy to make, and full of possibilities. You can alter the pattern so many ways and it will look great. I love how many variations there are possible for this one. The design of the bag is a bit creative which I really love and it can be used for so many different things — from a market tote to a small diaper bag and even a purse.

    Instructions and Pattern: vivatveritas. This tote bag is gorgeous with its flowers and overall design. The bag itself is made from wool or tweed which gives it a wonderful contrast against the flowers. Instructions and Pattern: tearosehome. Instructions and Pattern: placetobloom. This freezer paper design method is as easy as it is beautiful. You can do whatever design you want and the freezer paper helps to make it fabulous. Instructions and Pattern: zitzmanfam.

    I love the name of this bag almost as much as I love the design. The Frou Frou Bag is filled with adorable ruffles and is large enough to use as a diaper bag. It has an adjustable strap and snap closure, and it has four inside pockets that can hold anything you need. If you want a gorgeous bag that is a bit more challenging than simple totes, this is definitely the pattern for you. Instructions and Pattern: sewsweetness. This funky, unique bag is a great tote to make and to carry.

    The bag itself has colorful grommets and the drawstring is a contrasting color, which is really gorgeous. Instructions and Pattern: allfreesewing. This beautiful bag looks like a designer handbag, but you can easily make it yourself. You could use this as a tote or as a handbag.

    Sew A Tote Bag - Free Pattern

    Wool does give it that nice expensive designer look, though. Instructions and Pattern: twinkleandtwine. This bag is perfect for long road trips or anytime you need to keep the little ones busy with some creativity. This great leather and canvas satchel is pretty easy to make and it looks like such a professionally made bag. Instructions and Pattern: fleecefun. The little pocket on the front is really handy and you can adjust the size to make it large enough to hold you keys or your cell phone. Instructions and Pattern: noodle-head.

    This little tote bag is a pillow case that has been repurposed.

    Sewing Bags | Pearltrees

    You can even get pillow cases for a dollar or less each if you visit a thrift store, so you can make many of these. Instructions and Pattern: creativekismet. You can easily make a reversible tote bag out of your tank tops, and they all look so very adorable! Instructions and Pattern: craftynest. I love the bright colors in this market purse — although you can do whatever colors you like.

    The inside of the bag has a pocket and magnetic snaps to keep everything neatly in place. Instructions and Pattern: fabricworm. You can thrill any Disney fan with this cute little Minnie inspired tote bag. Once you get your tote finished — whichever basic tote you choose to make — add some red and white polka dot ruffles to the bottom and create a cute little Minnie shape. Or, just make it to carry to the market. This tote bag has four outer pockets — two on each side. It would be the perfect carry all for the beach or to keep snacks in the car on long road trips. Instructions and Pattern: twoflychicks.

    This adorable peek-a-boo tote has a chevron pattern sewn right into the center of the front. The buttons at the top of the peek-a-boo section match the chevron print, and overall the bag is very stylish and unique. Instructions and Pattern: allpeoplequilt. Music lovers are going to adore this piano tote bag. The hardest part is putting the keys together, which is not too hard. Instructions and Pattern: boredandcrafty. This DIY pleated tote bag is really stylish and much easier to sew than it looks. Pleats scare me — I mean terrify me. They seem so difficult to do, but this pattern makes it really easy.

    I also really love the handles and how the tote could double as a handbag — it looks really stylish! The pattern is really easy to follow. So easy in fact that you may find yourself wanting to make more than one. Instructions and Pattern: u-handbag. This post office type bag is perfect for those of you who normally have to carry several packages to the post office or FedEx to have them shipped.

    You only need about one and a half yards of fabric, too, and the tote is big enough to handle a couple of packages, depending on their size. Instructions and Pattern: elsiemarley. Bucket style totes may not be the most traditional, but they are really cute and they can hold so much stuff. I love this reversible bucket style tote. Instructions and Pattern: sewmamasew. This little bag looks like a ruffled dress! I love ruffles — not so much making them but looking at them. This pattern looks so very easy and it creates this gorgeous ruffled tote that you are sure to want to carry everywhere.

    I really love the white, though. Even though it may be hard to keep clean, it has such an elegant look. Instructions and Pattern: wkdesigner. This bag just has it all — ruffles, ribbons, and ties work together to create this stunning tote that is sure to be your favorite. The ruffled handles are my favorite part, but the entire bag is just gorgeous.

    Instructions and Pattern: sew4home. In traditional school bag style, this tote is fabulous. You only need a yard of fabric, and just under a yard for the lining. The tote is deep enough that your stuff will stay securely inside without it. You can add it though if you want for dramatic effect. Otherwise, you can use it as a market tote or a large handbag. Instructions and Pattern: projectsbyjess. Plus, the strap is a belt — how easy is that?

    The 3 Tea Towel (Dish Towel) Tote Bag Tutorial - Easy Beginner Bag

    This scrunchy looking tote is perfect if you like those larger type handbags or use it for carrying your beach necessities or whatever you want. I love it for books and maybe even knitting supplies to take along on road trips.