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Ethel was once again making a daily print appearance, concentrating on the subject of mystic tips, and soliciting comments from law enforcement agencies. William Law's books produced a great impression on Wesley, and on his advice the young tutor began to read mystic authors, but he saw that their tendency was to make good works appear mean and insipid, and he soon laid them aside.

In remembrance of these victims of popular wrath Jalal-uddin founded the order of the Maulawi in Turkish Mevlevi dervishes, famous for their piety as well as for their peculiar garb of mourning, their music and their mystic dance sama , which is the outward representation of the circling movement of the spheres, and the inward symbol of the circling movement of the soul caused by the vibrations of a Sufi's fervent love to God.

His mystic ceremonial became a guide to religious practice, and though with this there came in much meaningless and even bewildering formalism, yet the example of his life and character was a lasting inspiration to saintliness. Persian literature after that date, and especially Persian poetry, is full of an ardent natural pantheism, in which a mystic apprehension of the unity and divinity of all things heightens the delight in natural and in human beauty. Hence where reason is discarded by the mystic it is merely reason overleaping itself; it occurs at the end and not at the beginning of his speculations.

Himself an ascetic and a mystic , to whom things spiritual were more real than the visible world, he had the strong common sense which 1 See R. He took her hands and helped her to her feet, his voice becoming soft and gentle, his gaze mystic. Franck combined the humanist's passion for freedom with the mystic 's devotion to the religion of the spirit.

Their own Reform Bill came soon after and it is again characteristic of Mill - at once of his enthusiasm and of his steady determination to do work that nobody else seemed able or willing to do - that we find him in the heat of the struggle in writing: to the Examiner a series of letters on "The Spirit of the Age" which drew from Carlyle the singular exclamation "Here is a new mystic!

The disillusionment as regards material means for improving the life of mankind had given rise in many minds to a quest for religion, and this mystic current had attracted men like Struve, Bulgakov, Berdiayev and others. Ottoman literature may be said to open with a few mystic lines, the work of Sultan Veled, son of Maulana Jelal-ud-Din, the author of the great Persian poem the Mathnawi.

The falls can only be approached from below, where a monastery has been erected, the resort of countless pilgrims. Their height is estimated at 70 ft. It is clear from what has been said above that the liturgical vestments possessed originally no mystic symbolic meaning whatever; it was equally certain that, as their origins were forgotten, they would develop such a symbolic meaning. He is further credited by the scholiast on Aristophanes loc.

Martin Luther was the most ancient type of early Reformation preacher, and he was succeeded by the mystic Johann Arndt ; the Catholic church produced in Vienna the eccentric and almost burlesque oratory of Abraham a Santa Clara He came strongly under the influence of the pietists, particularly of Spener, and there was a mystic vein in his thought; but other elements of his nature were too powerful to allow him to attach himself wholly to that party.

The time requisite for the several degrees is unknown, and may have been determined by the Patres, who conferred them in a solemn ceremony called Sacramentum, in which the initial step was an oath never to divulge what should be revealed, and for which the mystic had been specially prepared by lustral purification, prolonged abstinence, and severe deprivations. A sacred communion of bread, water and possibly wine, compared by the Christian apologists to the Eucharist, was administered to the mystic who was entering upon one of the advanced degrees, perhaps Leo.

The impressiveness and the stimulating power of the mystic ceremonies, the consciousness of being the privileged possessor of the secret wisdom of the ancients, the sense of purification from sin, and the expectation of a better life where there was to be compensation for the sufferings of this world - were all strong appeals to human nature. Turning to the historical forms of the theory we may class Plotinus as a mystic al monist: he attains to the One which is the All by an act of mystic union raising him above the phenomenal sphere.

The golden plate inscribed " holy to Yahweh " placed over the head the details are discrepant had a mystic atoning force Ex. Ibn Farid is the greatest of the mystic poets, and Busiri q. To the mystic young student all festivities were repulsive, and although reared in a courtier-household he early asserted his individuality by his contempt for court life. The most important mosques are the great Tekke, which contains the tomb of the poet Mevlana Jelal ed-din Rumi, a mystic sufi poet, founder of the order of Mevlevi whirling dervishes, and those of his successors, the "Golden" mosque and those of Ala ed-Din and Sultan Selim.

Yet we cannot help feeling that it is a grotesque and unseemly anachronism to apply in grave prose, addressed to the whole world, those terms of saint and angel which are touching and in their place amid the trouble and passion of the great mystic poet. Important critiques from independent points of view are "The Mystic ," in R.

How can they have been the " awful mysteries," the " dread and terrible canons," the " mystic teachings," the " ineffable sentences," the " oracles too sacred to be committed to writing " which the homilists of that age pretend them to have been? Had the German princes not found it to their interests to enforce his principles, he might never have been more than the leader of an obscure mystic sect. Maximus was not only a leader in the Monothelite struggle but a mystic who zealously followed and advocated the system of Pseudo-Dionysius, while adding to it an ethical element in the conception of.

Nor had he any taste for rule; his days were spent in the society of musicians, buffoons and poets, and he himself dabbled in verse-making of a mystic tendency. There is everywhere the mystic 's deep love for double, even treble meanings: e. In virtue of this defect, due largely to the failure to enter into the Apostolic experience of mystic union with Christ, he can rightly speak of "an immense retrogression" in theology visible "at the end of the century, and in circles where it might have been least expected" ii.

Her letter to the emperor, pervaded with he religious and almost mystic sentiments which predominate in the queen's mind, particularly since the death of Prince Albert, seems to have made a deep impression on the sovereign who, amid the struggles of politics, had never completely repudiated the philanthropic theories of his youth, and who, on the battlefield of Solferino, covered with the dead and wounded, was seized with an unspeakable horror of war.

In a synod which met in , he decided in favour of the epithet 1 At Alexandria the mystic and allegorical tendency prevailed, at Antioch the practical and historical, and these tendencies showed themselves in different methods of study, exegesis and presentation of doctrine.

Yet it is intelligible that religious interest should have concerned itself more keenly with the mystic rites of divine worship than with dogma. Here was more than knowledge; here were representations of a mystic sensuousness, solemn rites, which brought the faithful into immediate contact with the Divine, and guaranteed to them the reception of heavenly powers. The youngest literary generation in Czechoslovakia was represented in in particular by three leading poets: So y a, a writer of delicate lyrics; Bezruc, who sings of social and national oppression, and Bi'ezina, a profound visionary and pantheistic mystic.

Among prose writers the leading contemporary names are Svobodova, apek, a robust realist, and Sramek, who has also met with success as a dramatist. The mystic power of a significant name Matter shala hash baz inscribed on a tablet and bestowed on a child Isa. It indoctrinated the church with all its mystic ism, its mystic exercises and even its magical cultus as taught by Iamblichus. Prudentius shows Ambrose as his master here, but gives to Ambrose's mystic symbolism much clearer expression. It was laid down in wonderful mystic writings, which were in the possession of the various circles Liechtenhahn, Die Offenbarung im Gnosticismus, In short, Gnosticism, in all its various sections, its form and its character, falls under the great category of mystic religions, which were so characteristic of the religious life of decadent antiquity.

In Gnosticism as in the other mystic religions we find the same contrast of the initiated and the uninitiated, the same loose organization, the same kind of petty sectarianism and mystery-mongering. Throughout this mystic religious world it was above all the influence of the late Greek religion, derived from Plato, that also continued to operate; it is filled with the echo of the song, the first note of which was sounded by the Platonists, about the heavenly home of the soul and the homeward journey of the wise to the higher world of light. For this moment of homage to material elements ritually filled with divine potency may be so exaggerated as to obscure the rite's ancient significance as a communion of the faithful in mystic food.

Among the authentic works of Nicolaus of Lyra are: 1 two commentaries on the whole Bible, one Postilla litteralis, following the literal sense, the other Postilla mystic a seu moralis, following the mystic sense. He surprised the world, which had supposed him to be a recluse and a mystic , by the practical interest he took in the mining population of Durham and in the great shipping and artisan industries of Sunderland and Gateshead.

The outside world was wont to regard him as a mystic ; and the mystic al, or sacramental, view of life enters, it is true, very largely into his teaching. At some period perhaps , perhaps earlier he paid a visit of some days' duration to the famous mystic Johann Ruysbroeck, prior of the Augustinian canons at Groenendael near Brussels; at this visit was formed Groot's attraction for the rule and life of the Augustinian canons which was destined to bear such notable fruit. This arrangement still survives in some of the ancient churches of Rome; it has been revived in many Protestant places of worship.

It symbolized principally an official distinction; but with the theocratizing of the empire in the East and its decay in the West the accentuation of the mystic powers of the clergy led to a more complete separation from the laity, a tendency which left its mark on the arrangements of the churches.

This punishment, originally inflicted on those who neglected certain mystic rites, was transferred to those who, like the Danaides, despised the mystic rite of marriage; cf. It was natural that olive and willow should have been chosen for the Palm Sunday ceremony, for they are the earliest trees to bud in the spring; their consecration, however, may be explained by the intention to Christianize a pagan belief, and it is easy to see how their mystic virtues came in this way to be ascribed to the palm also.

More serious still, from the point of view of the Church, was the association of these wandering mendicants with the mystic heresies of the Fraticelli, the Apostolici and the pantheistic Brethren of the Free Spirit. Wedge Pond and Winter Pond, in the centre of the township, are clear and beautiful sheets of water. The streets of Winchester are heavily shaded, the view as presented from the neighbouring hills being that of a continuous forest stretching from the beautiful Mystic Valley parkway of the Metropolitan park system , of which more than one-half In allotments of land between the Mystic Pond and the present Woburn were made to various Charlestown settlers, including John Harvard and Increase Nowell , secretary of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in , and the new settlement was called Waterfield.

This proposition, which he called the mystic hexagram, he made the keystone of his theory; from it alone he deduced more than corollaries, embracing, according to his own account, the conics of Apollonius, and other results innumerable. He was the last great classic poet of Persia, and a pronounced mystic of the Sufic philosophy. Mahomet seems to have meant these letters for a mystic reference to the archetypal text in heaven.

Autocrat and " Jacobin," man of the world and mystic , he was to his contemporaries a riddle which each read according to his own temperament. From this time a mystic pietism became the avowed force of his political, as of his private actions. Carlyle began to be known as leader of a new " mystic " school, and his earnings enabled him to send his brother John to study in Germany. He was, as he called himself, a " mystic "; and his creed was too vague to be put into any formula beyond a condemnation of atheism.

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The literal sense of the term churinga, applied by the Central Australians to their sacred objects, and likewise used more abstractly to denote mystic power, as when a man is said to be " full of churinga," is " secret," and is symptomatic of the esotericism that is a striking mark of Australian, and indeed of all primitive, religion, with its insistence on initiation, its exclusion of women, and its strictly enforced reticence concerning traditional lore and proceedings. Passing on to positive conceptions of the sacred, perhaps the most fundamental is that which identifies the efficacy of sacredness with such mystic or magical power as is signified by the mana of the Pacific or orenda of the Hurons, terms for which analogies are forthcoming on all sides.

If we take it strictly to mean the belief in ghosts or spirits having the " vaporous materiality " proper to the objects of dream or hallucination, it is certain that the agency of such phantasms is not the sole cause to which all mystic happenings are referred though ghosts and spirits are everywhere believed in, and appear to be endowed with greater predominance as religious synthesis advances amongst primitive peoples. The mystic potency of the sacred is no fixed quantity, but is big with possibilities of all sorts.

Mystic potency, however, because of the very indefiniteness of its action, is a two-edged sword. Not but what primitive thought shows a tendency to mark off a certain kind of mystic power as wholly bad by a special name, e. Jevons in An Introduction to the History of Religion, vii. Mystic power may be regarded as innate so far as skill, luck or queerness are signs and conditions of its presence. Contact with these repositories of mystic influence " makes them glad " Nat.

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The object of these rites is primarily to impart mystic virtue to the novice, such virtue, in the eyes of the primitive man, being always something more than social usefulness, amounting as it does to a share in the tribal luck by means of association with all it holds sacred. The significance of a common name and a common blood is immensely enhanced by its association with mystic rights and duties, and the pulse of brotherhood beats faster.

Nagualism, or the acquisition of a mystic guardian, is a widely distributed custom, the essence of which probably consists in the procuring of a personal name having potency. Envy, malice and uncharitableness are found in primitive society, as elsewhere, and in their behoof the mystic forces are not unfrequently unloosed by those who know how to do so.

In virtue of the mystic identity between the cosmic phenomena and sacrifice, Rita may be also viewed as the principle of the cultus; and from that sphere it passes into conduct and acquires the meaning of morality and is equated with what is " true. But with the Indians this speculation leads to the complete abolition of all barriers between God and man, to a mystic pantheism, and to absorption in the universal Ego, in contrast with which the world becomes an unsubstantial phantasm and sinks into nothingness.

The doctrines presented were dreamy and mystic ; they rejected the infallibility of human wisdom, and threw suspicion on the order and arrangement of human orthodoxy. This rich genius gave also the first impulse to romantic, didactic and mystic poetry; and even his own age produced powerful co-operators in these three most conspicuous departments of Persian literature. Fruitful as the 6th and 7th centuries of the Hegira were in panegyrics, they attained an equally high standard in didactic and mystic poetry.

In the ethical Mystic reflections, wise maxims and moral exhortations Poetsy.

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This prolific writer, having performed the pilgrimage to Mecca, devoted himself to a stern ascetic life, and to the composition of Sufic works, partly in prose, as in his valuable Biography of Eminent Mystic Divines, but mostly in the form of mathnawis upwards of twenty in number , among which the Pandndma, or Book of Counsels, and the Mantili-uf air, ox the Speeches of Birds, occupy the first rank.

It had been founded by Gerhard Groot, a wealthy burgher who had been won to pious living mainly through the influence of Ruysbroeck the Flemish mystic. It was at Deventer, in the midst of this mystic al theology and hearty practical benevolence, that Thomas a Kempis was trained. Yet under this poetical Heraclitean mystic the school was far from flourishing.

The Lima of Bernardes contains some beautiful eclogues as well as cartas in the bucolic style, while the odes, sonnets, and eclogues of Frei Agostinho are full of mystic charm. But, being Buddhas, they were supposed to have their Bodhisats; and thus out of the five last Buddhas of the earlier teaching there grew up five mystic trinities, each group consisting of one of these five Buddhas, his prototype in heaven the Dhyani Buddha, and his celestial Bodhisat. Balancing these mystic joys is the stern tone of his Resolutions, in which he is almost ascetic in his eagerness to live earnestly and soberly, to waste no time, to maintain the strictest temperance in eating and drinking.

He considers " bodily effects " incidentals to the real work of God, but his own mystic devotion and the experiences of his wife during the Awakening which he gives in detail make him think that the divine visitation usually overpowers the body, a view in support of which he quotes Scripture. He was slender and fully six feet tall, and with his oval, gentle, almost feminine face looked the scholar and the mystic.

Though so typically a scholar and abstract thinker on the one hand and on the other a mystic , Edwards is best known to the present generation as a preacher of hell fire. The tribe of Levi had also been miraculously guided, from near Babylon, to Havila, where they were enclosed and protected by the mystic river Sambation or Sabbation, which on the Sabbath, though calm, was veiled in impenetrable mist, while on other days it ran with a fierce untraversable current of stones and sand.

These and similar stories point to the vigorous resistance offered to the introduction of the mystic rites of Dionysus, in places where an established religion already existed.

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In this publication he made six proposals as the best means of restoring the life of the Church: 1 the earnest and thorough study of the Bible in private meetings, ecclesiolae in ecclesia; 1 Labadie had formed the ascetic and mystic sect of "The Regenerati" in the Church of Holland c. In the public park there is a bust of Schiller, a monument to Alexander von Humboldt, and a statue of the mystic Jakob BOhme ; a monument has been erected in the town in commemoration of the war of , and also one to the emperor William I.

Dieterich Leipzig, under the title of Eine Mithrasliturgie, an ancient mystic describes his re-birth in impressive language. He occupies an important position in the history of the acceptance by medieval Jews of the Kabbala q. Absolution was reckoned one of the sacraments, one of the seven when that mystic number was generally adopted; but there was no agreement as to what constituted the essential parts of the sacrament, whether the confession, the laying on of hands, the penance, or the words of dismissal.

The advocacy of Hasan ibn Haidara Fergani was without avail; but in A. Upon the Church, Ritschl, who very much disliked and distrusted mystic ism, poured out the same wealth of emotion which the Christian mystic pours out upon his dimly visualized God or Christ. They range from the rough and noble pathos of Egil, the mystic obscurity of Kormak, the pride and grief of Hallfred, and the marvellous fluency of Sighvat, to the florid intricacy of Einar and Markus.

Yet he did not profess the haughty contempt for science and philosophy which his followers the Victorines expressed; he regarded knowledge, not as an end in itself, but as the vestibule of the mystic life. The honour was doubtless largely due to her asceticism and mystic visions. He was largely a mystic and regarded the Christian life as continual intercourse with God. As a theologian Alain de Lille shared in the mystic reaction of the second half of the 12th century against the scholastic philosophy. One of these children is often his mediator with men, and has the charge of the rites and the mystic bull-roarer.

Plutarch remarked the fact that the Greek myths of Cronus, of Dionysus, of Apollo and the Python, and of Demeter, " all the things that are shrouded in mystic ceremonies and are presented in rites," " do not fall short in absurdity of the legends about Osiris and Typhon. There is I the story of a bride or bridegroom who transgresses a commandment of a mystic nature, and disappears as a result of the sin.

Bossuet, Louis XIV. The experiences of the religious mystic are paralleled with the ecstatic vision in which the philosophical hermit sees a world of pure intelligences, where birth and decease are unknown. All the mystic symbolism of the morning sun, especially in connexion with the doctrine of the future life, could thus be transferred to the benu, and the language of the hymns in which the Egyptians praised the luminary of dawn as he drew near 2 Some other ancient accounts may be here referred to.

Various accounts of their origin are given: they were earth-born, sons of Cronus, sons of Zeus and Calliope, sons of Rhea, of Ops, of the Great Mother and a mystic father, of Apollo and Thalia, of Athena and Helios. Its psychic effect, both upon the dancer and upon the mystic about whom he danced during the initiation of the Cybele-Attis mysteries, made it a widely known and popular feature of the cult. His conversational powers made him welcome in Parisian salons, but his zeal led, him to England, where he made the acquaintance of William Law, the English mystic , to Italy and to Switzerland, as well as to the chief towns of France.

And although he never called himself a mystic , he showed that in his judgment spiritual truth is apprehended by direct intuition, as an antecedent necessity to the professedly purely rational basis of the Roman Catholic creed. These works show Sabatier as "at once an accomplished dialectician and a mystic in the best sense of the word. This was a product of the mystic fermentation which proceeded from exalted Franciscanism and from Joachimism see Fraticelli and Joachim.

Under him were his four lieutenants, his " mystic sister," Margherita di Franck, and disciples. This supreme head of their church they styled "bishop of Philadelphia," Philadelphia being the mystic name of their community; under him were bishops, e. Besides this, Messianic and other mystic hopes were current in England.

The Fool This card represents the dreamer in you, the idealist, the mystic. Will even the combined might of the three mystic blades that they carry be enough to stop the invaders hiding in Nobunaga's shadow? The mystic has to evolve an idealistic side to his character, or become an idealist with a passionate drive. Damn, I bottled on the bet with Si that Sweep would be the opener, mystic meg eat your crystal ball. In this german mystic wrote: " Wherever the road is hardest, there you should go. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences mystic. No mystic ever worked with warmer zeal than Mill. Very comfortable room. For those looking for souvenirs, I would recommend making the effort to find authentic, hand crafted treasures in Bhaktapur or at the temples in Kathmandu, rather than shopping at the hotel or airport.

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  7. Hotel Mystic Mountain is truly a very special place to stay. The staff are welcoming, engaging and just can't do enough for you. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Nargakot, you feel on top of the world as you look out over the lush green valleys below. The sunsets are magnificent and the Mo Mo's are fantastic! I would highly recommend a visit to this warm and gentle place. We cannot wait to go back. As per the rate of room i found its quite incompleted.

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    Very good breakfast as well! The spa Am sure can be improved! The helpful staff and the lovely and vibrant restaurants facing the mountains. Error: Please enter a valid email address. Error: Oops! An error has occurred. We've sent you an email so you can confirm your subscription. Invite hosts List your property. We have more than 70 million property reviews, and they're all from real, verified guests. The only way to leave a review is to first make a booking.

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