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But what she doesn't know is that she just might be the pawn of a powerful Sith Lord John Jackson Miller.

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He lives in Wisconsin with his wife, two children, and far too many comic books. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Read more. Also by John Jackson Miller. Related titles. The Handmaid's Tale. To Kill A Mockingbird.

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A Gentleman in Moscow. That was fine with Narsk. The bodysuit he wore was the top of a Republic line never seen in the Grumani sector. Locating the target was simple enough; the lopsided pyramid known colloquially as the Black Fang was visible from most of town. And then he had walked right in. The Mark VI could do for tradecraft what hyperdrive did for space travel, Narsk thought.

Sound, light, comms—the Mark VI dodged them all. And Cyricept had thought of everything.

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A breath filter matched exhalations to room temperature and humidity. Special goggles permitted Narsk to see out, despite the fact that no light was reaching his eyes. One poor Gamorrean—his squat, lumbering green body particularly at odds with his finery—across town had looked ready to cry. The Mark VI had gotten him to the door, but the sentries had actually opened it for him, allowing him inside when they entered themselves.

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Many of the secrets of the Black Fang—officially, the Daimanate Dynamic Testing Facility Darkknell —rested comfortably in the memory of the datapad in his pouch. Lord Odion would be pleased. The whole sorry war smacked of a psychological study. Daiman was the spoiled kid who thought he was the only person in the universe who mattered; Odion was the jealous sibling, reacting to his loss of uniqueness by trashing the playpen. If Daiman thought he created everything, Odion believed it was his destiny to destroy everything.

Ralltiiri glowmites were less suicidal. Not many of them, anyway. Reaching a juncture in the ventilation system, Narsk felt the whole building wheeze around him. The Republic designers were good, Narsk thought.

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  5. Cutting the cable, Narsk settled gently onto the vent cover. But there it was, its metallic bulk just visible through the icy slats at his feet. Neither had a clear idea how many great ships his brother had, and while Odion would have happily taken his chances in a huge engagement, Daiman was unwilling to oblige.

    The field of battle changed constantly. The young Jedi Kerra Holt does initially travel into Sith-controlled space on a mission - but after that, all the adventures have no trouble finding her. She's living in a time, a thousand years before Episode I, in which the Sith Lords are numerous and running rampant - at war with each other as much as they are with the Republic.

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    That makes large swaths of the galaxy a bad place to be - and it gives a lone Jedi in these territories a pretty busy schedule. In the initial press release, you're quoted as saying that "Knight Errant" asks what it means to be a Jedi outside the Republic, in a time and place where no other hope exists.

    What does it mean be a Jedi outside the Republic, in a time and place where no other hope exists? It's an important question, because Jedi play several roles. They're supposed to keep peace and order - but this is a place of war and chaos, where the Republic has long since abandoned. They're also supposed to battle the Sith - but that's difficult so far behind the lines, where they can't rely on the Republic's navy. And they're also supposed to provide an example, to inspire hope. It's a challenge to find hope.

    This is referred to as the Dark Age of the Republic with good reason. But that's part of the conflict. Do the people living under the Sith heel need hope, or do they need actual help? Is it more important simply to be seen to be defying the Sith, or is it more important to do something less visible, but something that actually helps someone? There's a constant tension between the pragmatic and the ideal, and it confronts Kerra at every turn. Again, from the press release, we learn the Sith will also play a primary role in this series with many competing for supremacy.

    Are these all new Sith and what if anything can you share about the main players? Is this a family of Sith we're dealing with? There are a lot of different factions that we're designing, and yes, there are family connections between some of them. It's a very interesting topic because the Sith are about the glorification of self and the subjugation of others, and their familial feelings would also need to be seen through that prism. Vader certainly cares what happens to Luke, for example - but that doesn't stop him from doing what he does in Episode V.

    We'll get into more detail about the major players later, but what I saw was a lot of players jostling for position, all wanting to be the Sith Lord who leads the final takedown of the Republic. When scripting the Sith, how do you find a different voice from, say, Darth Sidious, Darth Vader or from your previous series, Lucien Draay?

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    Since we have multiple villains, I wanted to find unique voices for them all. Part of it stems from that ultimate goal that I just mentioned. They all think that they, like the Lord Kaan and Darth Bane characters from decades later, have the perfect strategy for doing so. They all have their own concept for what the ideal Sith should be, what an ultimate Sith Empire should look like. Naturally, many of these visions conflict - and being Sith, they don't take conflict well.

    But we're working to make the individual factions very recognizable. We should be able to see each Sith Lord's worldview and particular madnesses playing out everywhere in the places under their command, from the technology their minions use to how their subjects are treated. Are than any new lightsaber types that the Sith and Jedi featured in this series will be wielding?

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    We're still at the design stage on a lot of things, but one of our villains will have a lightsaber unlike anything we've seen before. Have you plotted out a issue story for the characters and events involved in "Knight Errant? We certainly didn't approach "Knights of the Old Republic" with the idea that it'd run 50 issues, although we tried to approach that series with enough ideas to mine for a good while.

    Any plans for a "Knight Errant" video game series, and if so, will you be involved? Or will it perhaps be tied to the Star Wars television series currently in production? Beyond it obviously being virgin territory, what does that allow you as a writer versus writing about an era in Star Wars lore that has already been heavily explored? We set the "Knights of the Old Republic" series seven years before the video games, and while that gave us some fun opportunities, it also created an expectations game with people who were heavily invested in learning more about the video game characters.

    We made it pretty clear the video game territory was the backdrop and not the star of our show, but every time we did go near that material, it just started the speculation again. The important characters of those stories either haven't been born yet, or are too young to be major players.