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Both author and translator are to be lauded for setting themselves to such a laborious task—the creation of a thoroughly new look at an old and widely revered religious text. Hulusi has written other books in a similar vein, and he is gathering a small but dedicated following for his particular view of Islam. This is a hopeful sign for those students of spirituality, both Eastern and Western, who seek inroads to mutual understanding. Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott October 28, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

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Monday to Saturday 9. HU is Ghani from the worlds. All things in the conceptual world are like the manifestations of the various compositions of the Names of Allah, shortly referred to as the Names al-Asma. Just like how the approximately hundred atoms comprise the whole of the material world with all its countless forms and beings. Perhaps we can even say, the timeless, non-local quantum potential is observing itself from the point of view of the Names. Albeit the Beautiful Names have generally been taught to be 99 in the broad sense, in respect of their details they are infinite.

Due to this ONEness, the Quran emphasizes the concept of consequence jaza and reinforces that all individuals will live the consequences of the behaviors that result from them.

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  • As I said, the Quran is not literally a written book sent down from God above to his postman-prophet on earth via certain intennediary beings. In terms of being the Knowledge of Reality it reveals the Reality of everything, both perceivable and unperceivable.

    In tenns of being the Knowledge of the System Sunnatullah it explains the mechanics of the System and the Order of the dimensions in which individual beings will forever reside. A human is a vicegerent on earth. This can be understood both as the planet and as the body.

    5. Al-Ma’idah (1-50) - Decoding The Quran - Ahmed Hulusi

    All of the proposals that are made to humans are aimed at enabling them to know their true selves in the light of their Reality and to live the requirements of this, discovering and using their intrinsic qualities. All of the prohibitions, on the other hand, are essentially to prevent humans from being 10 Introductory Information To Understanding The Quran deluded into thinking they are their physical body, and hence, squandering the potential given to them on egoistic, bodily pleasures that will have no meaning after they taste death. As their current potential has been given to discover their Reality and attain the beauty of both this life and the next.

    If this work aids in a better evaluation of the Quran, I confess my inability to duly give thanks for such a blessing. My works are the compulsory requirement of my servanthood. I also apologize for my inadequacies and mistakes.

    Prologue to Decoding the Quran by Ahmed Hulusi

    For it is impossible for a servant to deservedly evaluate the words of Allah! Perhaps we may refer to the original of the Quran as being written in the language of Allah. For, if as the Arab polytheists claimed Muhammad SAW had written the Quran, then we could have said the Quran has been originally written in the Arabic language! Whereas the Quran, originally in the language of Allah, was revealed by the angel Gabriel, to Muhammad SAW , in his own language, Arabic, so that the people of that region can understand its message. And He is al-Aziz, al-Hakim. Each verse, in respect of the metaphors and allegories it contains, signifies a various number of meanings.

    Due to this profound depth contained in the original Quran that has been revealed to us in Arabic, it is impossible to duly and comprehensively translate and interpret this magnificent book into another language! Hence, all such works are like excerpts from this magnificent source of knowledge. On the other hand, followers of orders such as Wahhabism, who consider Muhyiddin ibn al-Arabi and the Sufi tradition to be blasphemous, also possess an immaculate understanding of the Arabic language and arrive at their judgment based on the same Quran. Think about it! And how others, who also speak perfect Arabic and who claim these saints are blasphemous kafir , have arrived at their understanding of a God, who apparently has hands and feet, who sits on a throne in heaven, and sends books down to Earth to guide humanity!?

    Sadly, many of the current translations of the Quran, especially the English ones, have been translated based on this latter understanding, while only a rare few works have been done in the light of the former approach. This Key to the Quran may perhaps be considered more as a figurative interpretation.

    As far as I am aware it is the first of its kind in Turkey. According to my observation, it may only be considered as reflecting only one of the many facets of this noble book. Another construal could have also been done, if it was desired, exposing other facets of the Quran. One should read these books with the awareness that they are only vehicles to help one understand the Quran.

    Heeding this announcement, I too have renewed my outlook on the Quran, and have begun to approach it with a totally new understanding! Religion has become contaminated with outdated interpretations of the past and degenerated with stories from the corrupted version of the Old Testament, further reducing and simplifying it for the masses to understand. I knew beyond doubt that the reality of religion could only be reached through the correct understanding of the Quran. So, on the 15 th night of the month of Ramadan, I commenced my mission to decipher and share this knowledge with my brothers and sisters.

    Thankfully, committing hours a day, I was able to complete my study in days. Thus emerged the understanding of the Quranic verses in respect of the meaning of the letter B. Since the Quran addresses the whole of humanity throughout all ages as guidance to the truth, this particular construal has been done in the light of the realities of today, the modern age. It is an explanation of why certain incidents that took place thousands of years ago, the details of which are unknown, have been narrated time and time again reaching us today, and possibly even the generations to come.

    Most importantly, it employs a holistic approach to the seemingly disconnected events, laws, edicts and commands of God, integrating this miraculous knowledge, to define just how and why it is a concern to humans. Let us now delineate our findings, some of which have been included in our work.

    The Quran has come to man to inform them of the reality of their essence and what they will be faced with in the future, so they can observe certain practices and abstain from others accordingly. What is the reality of a human being? Why did the Quran come to remind - invoke dhikr mankind of their reality? The answers to these questions, along with how man should understand the One denoted by the name Allah, are the most important and prominent topics covered in the Quran.

    Let me approach this with the method of the Quran and explain with a parable. Think of a baby who is placed in a car at the time of birth and is brought up in this car until he is 40 years of age, never once leaving the vehicle. He has come to see the steering wheel, the gearstick, and the gas and brake pedals as his very organs! He must first believe in what is being told, and then he must follow the instructions that are given to him so he can be emancipated As I have tried to explain with this simple example, Humans are beings with pure universal consciousness who have opened their eyes in an earthly body, operated by an individual consciousness!

    Their self, the consciousness that is the Universal Intellect. Aql-i kull , has become veiled during the course their life, and human beings began to think they are merely the decomposable biological body they occupy. Thus it became imperative to remind them of their reality! That is, that they are not the decomposable biological body in which they are temporarily residing, but an ethereal being!

    A being that will change dimensions, level by level, realizing its angelic properties 10 with which it will experience the realm of paradise! This is why Rasuls were manifested to remind warn earthlings of their human qualities. So that, humans, aware of their essential reality, can prepare themselves accordingly for the infinite existence awaiting them after their biological bodies return to the earth.

    Consequently, they will continue their indefinite existence fully aware in the state described as hell. Everything that has emerged from nothingness into this realm of multiplicity derives its existence from, and functions with the Names of Allah. As such, in respect of pure consciousness, humans who become aware of and live according to this reality are termed vicegerents. As they manifest the meanings of these Names, in ways befitting true humans, the state referred to as heaven occurs. In other words, heaven is not an abode for mere earthlings, but a state of life for humans whose angelic qualities can become manifest.

    I earnestly hope this point is understood well. All examples and events that are narrated in the Quran are for the sole purpose of enabling humans to remember their essential reality, to know themselves, and hence to make better use of their current lives. One of the most important things that deserves attention in regards to the style of the Quran is: Everything, that is, the heavens, the earth and everything in between, is formed by the properties known as the Names of Allah. Hence, all perceivable and unperceivable things are invoking calling upon the One denoted by the Name Allah, by means of their life and function.

    Therefore, everything, with its natural disposition, is in a state of servitude to the qualities of the Names that comprise its existence, i. This being the case, the structural properties of the pre-etemal Names and their expressions, i. Allah informing mankind about this reality is 20 Decoding the Quran nothing other than a confirmation.

    Nothing in existence can be likened to or define His Absolute Essence.

    As for the real meaning of polytheism or duality shirq : one who fails to recognize the One denoted by the name Allah in all that is implicit and explicit within the self and in the outer world as the manifestations of the Names is defined as a polytheist or a dualist in the Quran. That is to say, it is an act of committing shirq assuming a separate existence with the Names, to the Names. That is, when one fails to see that everything in manifestation is essentially comprised of the Names, one is assuming an equivalent existence to the Names, and this goes against the reality of non-duality.

    Hence, such a person falls short of truly understanding Allah and goes on living in an illusory world in his imagination. Whereas, Allah affirms that no other fonn of existence can be found outside of Allah as Allah encompasses the whole of existence. Thus, negating any possibility of the equivalence of other gods, lords, etc, the Quran uses the word min dooni Allahi. Such an attempt is termed denial kufr and is said to be going against the infinite qualities of the Reality of the Self, at least in terms of faith. Continual attempts in this way eventually lead one to confine the Self to the physical body alone, paving the path to pursuing a life of bodily pleasures, and adopting the view that death is extinction rather than a change of abode.

    Hypocrisy is the lowest and densest state of the bodily life. A hypocrite munafiq is one who chooses not only to deny the Reality but also to take advantage of the believers for material benefits by imitating them! While even a dog approaches his owner for food with true sincerity and loyalty, a hypocrite lacks genuine intent and approaches others only with vested interests.

    The result upon realizing the truth of the matter is indefinite burning and no compensation. Faith iman is the realization of consciousness, through the intellect, i. It is to know the Tness as consciousness, which cannot be confined into a material form, and to strive in this path. This is applicable for those who have not encountered a Rasul. Those who have encountered a Rasul, whether by person or by teaching, are bound to believe in the Rabb of the Worlds the source of the infinite meanings of the Names , or Allah, in accordance to the teachings of the Rasul, by having faith in the Rasul.

    There is only Allah. The Quran explains faith in the One denoted by the name Allah as being in two stages. This is the faith shared by the majority of believers, and in terms of its proceeds, enables one to live a life bearing a paradisiacal state of existence. The second stage applies to believers with a truly enlightened heart and who have reached the essence of faith. This is the faith implied by the letter B, which points to the truth that the reality of the Self is the qualities of the Names, and these qualities are and forever will manifest themselves.

    Hence, it calls the believer to awaken to the reality that through his own acts he is at all times invoking and serving Allah, and as such, observing and evaluating the universal perfection of Allah on worldly forms Hamd manifested by the name al-Waliyy in his own being bi-Hamdihi. In other words, angels signify the various potentials that arise during the process of the Names becoming activated from their dormant states.

    Since what has come to be known as the world of multiplicity essentially comprises individualized manifestations of various Names, the higher subtler state of everything in existence is angelic malakiyyah The difference lies not in whether this is present or not, but in whether this reality is recognized or at least, believed in or not. One who accepts himself only as an earthling through individual consciousness and who lacks faith will have grave difficulty recognizing and accepting this truth. Rasuls are the enlightened ones who acquire the Knowledge of Reality through pure consciousness without the influence of their Prologue to Decoding the Quran personal consciousness from the Names and angelic potentials in their essence via revelation and who communicate these truths at the level of consciousness.

    To believe in the afterlife, or an eternal life, is to know with conviction that the Self will not become extinct after losing its body during death, but that death is also an experiential reality. Since the name Allah does not refer to an external God, the real reference is made to the Names and their governance. Allah created the worlds with the Names and governs it with the System known as Sunnatullah. Simply put, whatever behavior one has at any given time whether it is an action or a thought, one will inescapably live its consequence at some point in their life.

    As such, an act of ungratefulness to any being is an act of ungratefulness to Allah, and its consequence will be lived accordingly! Hence, jaza is not really the result or punishment but the automatic experience of the consequence of an act. The Quran invites its readers to contemplate through its innumerous parables and metaphors, all to remind dhikr humans of their own reality. Unfortunately, due to the conditions of time and place, and the comprehension levels of the people, the examples that can be given are not many.

    Due to this, the limited number of objects that people do know of has been associated with various meanings over time, such that the same word has been used to refer to different things in different times, or to different specifications of the same thing. If we evaluate the words of the Quran in a constricted literal sense and in reference to only one meaning, we will not only be doing grave injustice but also paving the pathway to the primitive belief that it is an obscure and inconceivable Godly book of commands!

    Whereas the Quran is the articulation, through revelation, of the Rabb of the worlds the source of the infinite meanings of the Names , giving us the knowledge about the system by which the implicit qualities of the Names manifest to create the explicit world. When units of consciousness in earthly bodies refuse to have faith in this, they are denying their innermost essence and reducing themselves to mere material existence. They deny the magnificent and superior qualities of their own reality and function only with the stimuli of the neurons in their intestines the second brain , thereby reducing their lives to the animal - bodily state.

    As for the frequent narrations of the lives and examples of Rasuls and Nabis in the Quran All of these are also examples of possible intellectual or physical errors humankind are prone to and should be cautioned against. Nevertheless, such incidents have been lived by every human population of every century in one way or another! His body also went through all the common biological stages of 14 Quran 15 Quran 26 Decoding the Quran development. This has been explained through various metaphors.

    This is what truly matters. It is a shame that many fail to understand this reality and spend their lives arguing over the creation process of his mortal biological body! Iblis, while essentially a Name composition comprised of angelic qualities, displays an inadequate expression of the Names al-Waliyy, al-Mumin and al-Hadi. Hence, he evaluates Adam according to his apparent qualities and fails to see his superiority in terms of the Names and their expressions. Moreover, he assumes that accepting the superiority of Adam over his own creation will mean denying his own reality, since he too is created with and from the Names, and thus he refrains from prostrating.

    Evidently, it is impossible for one to evaluate a quality that he himself lacks. Eventually this leads to pure consciousness in the form of Adam approaching the forbidden tree, i. This is also an interesting anecdote. When this reaches the ultimate point of forgetting their own essence, the reminders and imparters of reality, i. Rasuls, become manifest, inviting mankind back to their essence, back to having faith in the higher states of consciousness. In short: There are two types of consciousness. The first is the manifestation of the Names as a whole, to observe itself through the appearance of individualized compositions.

    This is the Universal Pure Consciousness. The second kind is the individual consciousness of each manifestation, fonned by genetic inheritances, environmental conditionings and astrological influences. Consciousness is an output of the brain and hence confines itself to comprise only the body humanoid. Consciousness uses the mind to evaluate ideas and to live accordingly. As such, it is near impossible for the mind to find the Reality all on its own.

    Furthermore, the mind makes judgments based on sensory perception. While the stories of Abraham SAW caution us from idolizing and deifying our exterior and interior faculties, i. The whole of manifestation comprises the compositional Name qualities. Hence, the Pharaoh encountered what he did because of his ignorance to this truth.

    Do as you wish, become limitless! For, with death, an unchangeable state of existence kn own as the afterlife commences. As for heaven and hell According to our observation it will be sustained in the Sun. I wrote about this in detail in my book The Mystery of Man in On the other hand, hell in respect of consciousness, which has a stronger emphasis in the Quran, is a far more dreadful torment: When one dies they will realize they have been endowed with the qualities and potentials of the Names, and have been given the most perfect opportunity to discover and manifest these during their earthly life.

    In the case that they squandered this chance by indulging in the physicality of things rather than internal values, they will feel an inexplicably tremendous remorse knowing they no longer have a chance to compensate. This burning will be the greatest hellfire one can experience! As for the hellish state of existence while still on earth, it is when the consciousness confines itself to a bodily state of existence and becomes attached to others and conditioned by value judgments.

    There are many more notes to make but I guess I should not extend this introduction any further.


    Nevertheless, if you read this work, Decoding The Quran, in light of ah that I have explained here, I believe you will hear it talking to you and feel the Quran living within your Self in a way that you have never experienced before. If you question my concept Ah I can say is, let us wait and see Death is too near! If I am rightly guided, it is with the favor of Allah, and I am forever impotent from duly thanking Him.

    This is my understanding of the Quran, how you take it is up to you! Ah success is from Allah, and any shortcoming or error is from the inadequacy of my individual consciousness. My repentance return is to HU alone. One of these is the notion that everything begins and ends with man.


    Prologue to Decoding the Quran

    We cannot deny that within the universe and galaxy in which we reside, in fact within our very solar system, exists countless different species of life forms, which our five-sense dependent science has not yet perceived, but which many unconditioned, objective people find very comprehensible. The system mechanics that constitutes the make-up of a human being may very well be present in other species in the universe. This truth is validated in the Quran! This applies to all beings referred to as angels! I do not feel it is appropriate to say anything further regarding this topic at this stage, when the intrinsic mechanics of the brain are only just being discovered and reported in our modern world.

    But I must add one more note: If you believe in their sincerity and genuineness, many enlightened saints such as Abdul Karim al Jili and Muhyiddin ibn Arabi have made contact with these life forms.

    Ahmed Hulusi

    One should not become so captivated with the inner dimension of things as to neglect their exterior-universal aspects. Allah, who created me with His Names exalted, magnificent, and perfect qualities , is Rahman and Rahim! A name does not explain what it references in totality, but merely alludes to an identity, or an attribute of an identity. Sometimes, a name is used only to channel the attention to multiple qualities, without revealing anything about the identity.

    In the case of the Names of Allah, let us contemplate the following: Are the Names of Allah a collection of fancy titles of a God beyond? Or, are they references made to the creational properties of Allah which the senses and conditionings externalize! Once this reality is fully conceived and comprehended we may move on to the Names of Allah. The Quran, which has been conveyed as a Dhikr, i.

    Some of these have been disclosed in the Quran and some were revealed by the Rasul of Allah. One can never say that the names that refer to Allah are limited to only Let us give an example There are many names, such as Rabb, Mawla, Kareeb and Hallaq , that are mentioned in the Quran but are not included as part of the 99 Names. Contrarily, the names Jalil, Wajid and Majid are all included in the 99 Names but are not mentioned in the Quran. Man is provided with these Names as a reminder of their own true essence. Perhaps once one remembers and lives accordingly to their essential reality, many more Names will be disclosed to them.

    Also, we may say heaven alludes to this truth too, while we may not even be aware of the Names that pertain to and compose the universes within universes of infinite existence! Due to having a name all perceivable things seemingly have a separate individual existence, whereas, because there is no God beyond, what is really perceived as an existent object is 20 Quran 36 The Exalted, Magnificent and Perfect Qualities of The Names of Allah essentially none other than the materialized Names qualities of Allah.

    Allah, HU, other than whom nothing exists! The mind, logic and judgment cannot survive here. He who attempts to intellectualize this reality will only be misguided. This reality is not open for debate! Any urge to do so will only reveal ignorance! It must be realized that the Names of Allah point to the quality of His knowledge, not His mind, as this is inconceivable. The mind is a function of the brain designed to create the world of multiplicity.

    This is also the source of revelation. The material world as we know it is this quantal plane, though differences of perception have led to the assumption that it is a different dimension.


    The observing One, the one being observed, the observation, are all ONE! One who is caught up in the perception of multiplicity has no chance but Prologue to Decoding the Quran to engage in the chatter of this knowledge, without any experience of its reality. As for the Acts, activities, multiplicity and what we perceive as the corporeal world Existence belongs only to that which is denoted as the Dimension of Names.

    In this respect, all forms are created and observed in knowledge. Here, the part is the observer, and the whole is the observed one!