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Various individuals from Terra play a part in other stories. In The Telling , Terra's incorporation into the Ekumen is briefly explained. One of two surviving Earthmen, Arthur Dent , is affronted and dismayed to find that his planet's entry in the Guide consists of one word: "Harmless". Ford Prefect , a researcher for the Guide attempts and fails to placate him by informing him that he has written a more extensive article for the next edition, although the result of merciless editing of his original draft has reduced his version considerably, now reading "Mostly harmless".

Dent also learns that the Earth was originally constructed by the inhabitants of the planet Magrathea , as a giant supercomputer built to find the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, The Universe and Everything. The computer was so large that it was often mistaken for a planet, and that it was destroyed five minutes before the program was due to complete after ten million years of running.

Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth, #1) by M.R. Forbes

It also mentions that humans are descended from the passengers of an ark full of unwanted middlemen hairdressers, telephone sanitizers, advertising executives and the like , tricked into leaving their own planet behind by spurious tales of impending destruction invented by the rest of the planet's civilization it is mentioned that the population was then wiped out by a disease contracted from a dirty telephone. An alternate version of Earth is the planet NowWhat , which occupies the same space as Earth, but not the same probability. In the film adaptation , a new Earth replaces the old one, and everything is restored to the moments leading up to its destruction, except for one thing: Arthur Dent is not part of the planet anymore, at his own request.

In the series Red Dwarf , Earth is seen mainly as the goal of the crew's trip; Dave Lister is personally obsessed with revisiting it as his home world, especially since he is the only character to be from there as Arnold Rimmer was born on Io. The novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers mentions the Earth, despite Lister's regard for it, as suffering from massive littering and environmental damage; with a giant toupee being installed to in order to cover up ozone depletion.

The novel Better Than Life , however, mentions Earth being voted out of inhabitability to be the solar system's chosen planet of refuse known as Garbage World. A methane build up "farts" the planet out of the system and sends it out into deep space where it becomes an ice planet; later moved and thawed by the actions of the crew of Red Dwarf. The Earth is inhabited by giant cockroaches and the descendants of GELFs sent there as punishment for their rebellion and bred into the polymorph. Lister spends half a lifetime trapped there attempting to correct his species past actions before Red Dwarf can rescue him due to black hole time dilation.

In the Stargate television series, Earth designation: P2X-3YZ is described as one of countless inhabited worlds, and is revealed to be the original home world of humans all over the galaxy. In ancient history many groups of humans were kidnapped and enslaved by powerful alien races, primarily the Goa'uld. Others remained to form present day Earth societies, which interact covertly with other extraterrestrial races and civilizations, many of them human.

Did another advanced species exist on Earth before humans?

Earth first became important in the scene after the Alterans occupied it as their new capital its name was Terra at that point. When they were forced to relocate to Lantea in the Pegasus galaxy several million years ago , they "seeded" the planet with a less advanced form of themselves. Eventually, the Goa'uld found the planet and determined that the human body is the ultimate host body for their parasitic race.

Many humans were kidnapped through the Stargate the Supreme System Lord Ra brought to Earth Earth already had its own Stargate in Antarctica but it was inoperable but the leftover population wasn't touched; they eventually rebelled and drove the Goa'uld off the planet in BC. About BC, the Lantean remnants returned to the planet but the primitive civilization extinguished their last hope of rebuilding their once great civilization due to the presence of the Goa'uld; as such, the Ancients slowly died out or Ascended since their numbers were too small to survive, even by crossbreeding with regular humans.

With Earth largely left alone for millennia, its human population continued to advance until the rediscovery of the Stargate in and its subsequent reactivation in since its DHD activation device was missing, they had been unable to determine its purpose until they were able to create a computer interface. Unlike an enormous majority of planets, the Stargate on Earth was kept secret from the general populace to prevent widespread panic because "we are not alone". Humans who are from Earth are referred to as the Tau'ri by most other life forms in the galaxy, including the Goa'uld.

Earth is a relatively important player on account of the radical change it unwittingly brought about when troops under the command of Colonel Jack O'Neill killed Goa'uld Supreme System Lord Ra and started a guerrilla war against the Goa'uld. However, its importance pales in comparison to the power of the System Lords or the Free Jaffa Nation , even though after the extinction of the Asgard and the defeat of the Ori , the Tau'ri became the dominant race of known space — although they were initially at a huge technological disadvantage, they later managed to reverse-engineer Goa'uld technology to the point where they started building their own ships, though much of it was rendered obsolete when the Asgard granted a significant amount of non-weapon technology.

The Tau'ri also created remarkable technological feats, such as fighters equipped with hyperdrives powered by an unstable isotope. Their power increased further when they discovered that, due to crossbreeding with Ancients before their extinction, some Earth-born humans actually possessed a unique gene required to operate some of the more advanced Ancient technology.

The peak of their power occurred when the Asgard donated their entire technological knowledge to Earth prior to their extinction. With this and some Ancient technology, the Tau'ri actually surpassed their precursors and defeated the Ori. In the Star Trek universe, the unified human state based on Earth, was one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. Several major federal organizations are headquartered on Earth, such as the Federation Council which meets in Paris. Like most other major Federation worlds, Earth is a near-utopia where poverty and war have been eradicated and environmental damage has been reversed.

Earth was also the planet of origin for at least one other sentient species, the Voth, according to the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Distant Origin ".

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Much of its early history is unknown, although recent Trek novels have revealed that Earth's governments founded United Earth by signing the historic Traite d'Unification in The episodes " Demons " and " Terra Prime " imply that United Earth is a parliamentary system of government: we meet various government officials who are referred to as Ministers such as Minister Nathan Samuels, played by Harry Groener. United Earth's leader is most likely a Prime Minister — possibly, but not necessarily, Samuels himself.

In the novels, Earth's governmental structure is further developed. Earth is a parliamentary republic , with a separate head of state the President and head of government the Prime Minister. In the Mirror Universe , Earth is the capital of the despotic Terran Empire which rules over large portions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and is generally seen as the most powerful interstellar empire. Star Trek novels reveal that Earth was later liberated thanks to the efforts of anti-Alliance rebels and Memory Omega.

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Earth is the "lost" homeland of the terrans of the Koprulu Sector, often referred to as "Old Earth". Earth history is well known to us until the 21st century. However, by the time the 23rd century was reached, genetic engineering and cybernetics were in common use, and Earth's population had reached 23 billion. Consequently, a resource and overpopulation crisis was developing. Earth's corporate factions who supported the capitalization of genetic engineering and cybernetics were opposed by those who saw this as a degeneration of the human race. These groups included humanist factions as well as religious conservatives who resorted to terrorism in these turbulent times.

The conflict was resolved by the creation of the United Powers League, which generally supported the humanist philosophy and controlled all nations except for a few volatile Latin American states. The UPL banned many religions and made English the worldwide language. The UPL proceeded to arrest and kill many people who opposed its "divinity of mankind" philosophy which included "purity" from cybernetics, mutations, and so forth. It was during this time that Doran Routhe set up the colonization of the Koprulu Sector. Contact between the colonists and Earth was seemingly lost, and the Koprulu Sector terrans could not have found their way back to Earth.

With the discovery of the protoss and zerg, the United Powers League reformed to become the United Earth Directorate and launched an invasion of the Koprulu Sector, ostensibly in an effort to protect itself from the distant aliens. The invasion was repelled by a tenuous alliance of the Sector's powers.

In the universe of the Babylon 5 television series, Earth was located in a relatively uncontested and non-valuable portion of the Galaxy. As a result, the people of Earth were allowed to develop with relatively little outside interference or threat of invasion from alien races. Unified under the worldwide government of the Earth Alliance , first contact with the Centauri was made in the midnd century, which led to trade with a number of different species.

Earth remained a relatively minor power until the s, when it intervened on behalf of a number of other races which later became the League of Non-Aligned Worlds during the Dilgar invasion. Following the Dilgar War , Earth began to expand its influence and was seen as a rising power in the galaxy. A disastrous first contact with the Minbari in the s precipitated the Earth—Minbari War , in which Earth was nearly conquered: the military EarthForce was devastated and the planet's population was nearly annihilated.

However, the Minbari mysteriously surrendered just prior to the final invasion of Earth. Following the war, Earth's major contribution on the galactic stage was the creation of the Babylon Stations, that are neutral trading posts and diplomatic havens. Earth turned inward and suffered from xenophobic tendencies in the late s, early s under the despotic regime of President Morgan Clark , until a military and civilian civil war , started by General William Hague and later concluded by Captain John Sheridan , overthrew the Clark regime and helped establish Earth as one of the major players in the Interstellar Alliance.

In the Robotech canon, based on Macross , Earth is the homeworld of humanity and notable as one of the few places that "The flower of life" the source of the powerful energy source Protoculture can grow. Discovering they were not alone in the universe and in secret the fact that the SDF-1 was a warship for a giant sized alien race the human race united and rebuilt the ship as well as using the technology to advance their own and to create a small defence fleet for earth.

Ten years later the ship was ready but as preparation for launch on a mission of exploration continued Zentradi warships arrived in orbit to search for the ship. Though humanity tried peaceful contact a booby trap in the SDF-1 fired the huge main gun at the Zentradi committing Earth to a devastating interstellar war.

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This went wrong transporting not only the SDF-1 but part of Macross Island, 70, civilians and two navy warships to an area near Pluto. Pressure held in sub-surface shelters long enough to evacuate the civilians while the ships were grafted on to the SDF-1 as flight decks. However the jump also caused the FTL drive to vanish for unknown reasons as such the SDF-1 had to return home under normal thrust fighting Zentradi all the way and unable to talk to earth due to jamming. During the conflict many Zentradi became fascinated by Earth culture and over a million ships eventually defected.

She was, above all, a challenging personality, and if there was anyone in the universe that needed a good challenging every once in awhile it was the buddy-buddy, feel-good crew of the Enterprise-D. When Smythe finally regains consciousness she makes her way to the village where she earns the respect of Treece, a bohemian Amazon who believes men should be better treated, educated slaves, by defeating her in hand-to-hand combat.

Only Treece is refraining from drugging her men. Smythe finally makes it to the village center where Hunt is being bid on. Man, can this sound anymore like a porno? Smythe wastes no time in claiming Hunt was stolen from her and challenges Marg to a bout of fisticuffs for his ownership. Smythe, again, wins the battle and makes friends with Marg. Unlike the menfolk, women feel no shame or resentment in defeat. The other Amazons hope Smythe and Hunt make lots of babies and wish for ones of their own.

Treece tells them that if they stopped drugging their men it would happen. When Marg complains that men are too unstable to be controlled any other way, Treece snaps back that a real woman could never be dominated by a male… unless being dominated is what Marg secretly wants!

Plot point! They snog for a bit, but Smythe ends it before any real action can start. Connor has been living with the Amazons this whole time, pretending to be under the influence of the drug. The reason he never escaped was because he was working on an antidote to deliver to all the men at once, but, honestly, I think he just liked wearing clam diggers and that little, red bowtie.

Hunt will stay behind and keep Marg occupied until the others can escape.

Earth Unknown

Can you guess how he does it? Before long Marg has ordered copious amounts wine to be sent to her bedroom. It seems more like a fantasy men have concocted to reassure themselves that even the most powerful woman can be knocked down a few pegs under the right circumstances.

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  8. Hunt, thinking he can out-drink his opponent has been sopping up the grape juice as well. In his pixellated state he realizes the patriarchy of his own time was no less silly than what the Amazons have created here. Lokai, the slave, is cast as being as crazy and short sighted as his oppressor, Bele. In the end they are said to be both equally responsible for destroying their world.

    What are the oppressed supposed to do? How exactly do you compromise with a side that considers you to be only three-fifths of a person? Settle for being three-quarters of a person? Civil rights is an all-or-nothing game. While women have never sought to dominate men, they also have never been drugged-up pack mules or breeding stock. Comparing women to completely helpless drones who need an outside force to rescue them is a denial of everything women have added to our culture and society even in the face of adversity and less-than-personhood.

    Add to that the fact that none of the sins the Amazons accuse men of land as true. It really is a straw man set up against a straw woman that creates nothing but a straw conclusion. Nobody wins. Marg faces off against them and gets slapped around a bit before Dylan rallies the men to battle. All together they protect the village and send the Kreeg running. Marg realizes undrugged men are an asset and agrees to never give them her potion again.

    The men are delighted and agree to stay as servants, but this time of their own free will. Um, what? The men agree to stay slaves? What the heck kind of moral is this? Following the role reversal analogy to its logical end, is this what Gene wants from women? Willing compliance? I think this topsy-turvy outcome was less a philosophical treatise and more the product of Gene trying to force his dominatrix fantasy to remain intact. Steve Coogan. Rugby union. Motor racing. US sports. Rugby League. Movers List. Geoffrey Macnab. Tech news. Tech culture. News videos. Explainer videos.

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