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She frequently travels alone, but it's not lonely she says: "On the plane I have my flying girlfriends, who are called flight attendants.

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Sometimes they get her first-class meals when she's flying coach. We will now stop to contemplate the fact that Gloria Steinem is 80 and still flying coach. She has a network of friends around the world, some of whom she has known from the early days on the barricades.

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We call to say, It's very cold out—did you wear an extra scarf? Her intimate circle is mainly female.

But in her good-things-about list, Steinem wrote about the advantages of turning former boyfriends into friends: "Your old lovers get to be your really old lovers, and you can't remember who broke up with who, or who got mad at who—just that the two of you remember things that no one else in the world does. Sometimes we forget all about the good things that come with growing up; friendships that turn into family; heartbreak that's truly left in the past; adventures that are yours to plan and belong exclusively to you.

And all the things we associate only with youth—passion, excitement, the joy of discovery—are all a part of Steinem's 80th year.

Isn't that wonderful to think about? By Abby Gardner. By Kelsey Formost.

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Topics gloria steinem aging turning 30 woty. Read More. Published: 22 Jan Gloria Steinem: 'Fewer people will say we live in a post-racist, post-feminist world'.

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