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Sylvia and her sister Jenny were left in the care of Gertrude Baniszewski, a family friend, when their parents left town as traveling carnival workers. Baniszewski, along with her children and a few neighborhood kids, locked Sylvia in the basement, where they tortured and abused her until she died of a brain hemorrhage and malnutrition. Premise: Two paranormal investigators help a family who move into a secluded home plagued by weird events. Real-Life Inspiration: The Conjuring is based on real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and their experience with the Perrons, a family who moved into a Rhode Island farmhouse and experienced ghostly and terrifying occurrences in So those were the things that led me to The Conjuring.

The Warrens also had a possessed Raggedy Ann doll that was the inspiration for the spin-off film Annabelle. Premise: Two scuba divers become stranded in shark-infested waters after their tour group accidentally leaves them behind.

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Real-Life Inspiration: Open Water is based on American tourists Tom and Eileen Lonergan, a couple who were lost at sea when their tour group left them behind while scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in When the diving company realized the mistake two days later, they organized a search party, but the Lonergans were never found. The only thing that was found was a diver's slate an underwater communication device with a S.

Please help us [come] to rescue us before we die. Premise: A mysterious alien life-form terrorizes a small town and consumes everything in its path as it grows bigger and bigger. When one of the officers tried to move the goo, it started to dissolve and evaporate, so there was nothing to show the FBI when they arrived on the scene except a spot on the ground.

Ghostv: A Psycop Novel

The original Jurassic Park seemed impossible to follow when it hit theaters in , but to paraphrase Ian Malcolm, franchises find a way. The movie inspired four sequels, with each one introducing new dinosaurs and new characters for them to terrorize. For the next installment, the series is going back to its roots.

But the three main characters from the first movie have had an inconsistent presence in the sequels: Goldblum returned as Malcolm for the The Lost World and had a brief cameo in Fallen Kingdom , while Neill and Dern reprised their respective roles as Grant and Sattler only in Jurassic Park III. Jurassic World 3 will mark the first time since the film that the three original stars appear together on screen. They will act alongside Pratt and Howard—the stars of the current phase of the franchise. How large a role the three characters will play is still unclear.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ends with escaped dinosaurs running free on the mainland, and Trevorrow hinted that the new film could pick up where that one left off. Jurassic World 3 is set to premiere on June 11, If you plan on rewatching the original movie to satisfy your dino craving in the meantime, here are some things to look for. Thanks to the Netflix acquisition team, the streaming service offers hundreds of documentaries that chronicle everything from riveting tales of true crime to stories about bare-knuckle fighters and extreme Method actors. What do you do when you find out that a large stash of cocaine worth millions has been buried somewhere on a Caribbean island?

If you're one of the amateur drug smugglers in this darkly comic documentary, you try to dig it up. Florida small business owner—and budding one-man cartel—Rodney Hyden participates in his own reenactments. Tony Montana he isn't. With law enforcement dismissing his alibi, his lawyers make a last-ditch effort to prove that Catalan was at a Los Angeles Dodgers game at the time of the assault. I knocked. There was movement behind the door, shuffling and footsteps, and then the door opened a couple of inches before a security chain stopped it.

He closed the door, undid the chain, and opened it again.

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I need a hand with this display. And you brought lunch. Set it on the counter for a sec. Did she have places to go, people to see? Could she appear anywhere she wanted, anytime? Did she have a job? No idea. I joined him beside the front door. We were both in jeans—his were rattier. Both in T-shirts—his cooler, with a mostly washed-off Black Flag logo and the sleeves cut off to showcase his ink. To top it off, he had on a pyramid-studded belt with a skull and crossbones belt buckle. He could pull it off. Not anymore.

He looked me up and down again. He was chewing gum, and somehow he managed to do it critically. Uh huh. There is such a thing as sunscreen, you know. Did I have Irish blood in me? I was wearing sunscreen. I snuck a quick glance at the counter to see if Miss Mattie was there yet. Crash blew a small bubble, then cracked it loudly. Live and learn. Here, hold this chair so I can reach the ceiling.

The chair in question was so rickety it would have made a better tripod. What do you think? I decided to cut my losses on that particular portion of the conversation and hold his damn chair for him. He climbed up and started sticking pushpins into the ceiling. I kept my eyes on his hands, because it was safer than letting on that I noticed his belt buckle in my face. Dollar bills—or drawings of dollar bills in his weird, cramped hand—were tethered to the pushpins on clear fishing line. A few well-placed pushpins, and suddenly it was raining money inside Sticks and Stones.

Pretty cool. The fucking economy.

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Crash hopped down, put his hands on his hips and looked up at his handiwork. My top three sellers, in order, used to be love spells, money charms, and revenge hexes. Now the love and money are flip-flopped. I glanced down at a few boxes of merchandise Crash had pulled. But someone. What should I call it? I was thinking it might be amusing to make a poster that says Golden Shower of Wealth and see if anyone notices. Eh, maybe not. Most of my customers are either too old, too religious or too foreign to fully appreciate my sense of humor. He stuck an arm through the slats on the back of the chair and slung it over his shoulder, then batted his eyelashes at me, turned, and sashayed back toward the counter.

You sure? Maybe you know who I was thinking about the last time I jerked off. He flicked his gum into the trash and stuffed a good dozen fries into his mouth. These used to taste better when I was a kid, but I think they were fried in lard back then. Maybe he was Hindu or something—he seemed to know an awful lot about chakras and meditation.

Did Hindus eat meat? I hunkered down over the counter and chowed down half a burger. Because even through the Auracel, I can usually sense their presence. The drugs just allow me to tune it out. Crash took a long, thoughtful pull on the massive soda. Living people.

He nodded as he finished the rest of one super sized fry and continued on to the next. Subtle bodies. Was he serious, or was that another Crash-joke along the lines of golden showers?

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Those, I knew about—enough that maybe I could figure out his religion without having to resort to actually asking. What discipline talks about that? Oh, you name it. Subtle bodies pop up in everything from Tantric to Crowley. Spiritualists, too—the Victorian table-rappers who said ghosts shot ectoplasm, the ones who staged fake photos of garden fairies. Crash crumpled up the greasy cardboard sleeve, threw it back in the bag, then took the top bun off my second burger and stole the tomato slice.

I ignored his tongue stud as he licked off the mayo. I think a few of the table rappers were probably real mediums. Hard to say. I need to be on psyactives. Or drunk. Crash sucked grease and salt off his fingers like he was giving his own hand a blowjob. Not at all. I picked the second burger off the bun, ate the meat and cheese in few bites, wadded the soggy bun into a ball and shoved it back in the bag. Miss Mattie was still nowhere to be seen.

Regardless, she remained indifferent to my thirst for arcane knowledge. I took a long swallow of Coke instead. Crash folded a piece of gum into his mouth. I ducked when Crash grabbed for my head, but he was just as fast as me. I felt his fingers slide through my hair, watched him peer down his nose at whatever he was seeing.

It creaked when I turned and tucked my leg beneath me. Crash pulled a comb out from under the cash register, rounded the counter and started pulling up hanks of hair from random parts of my head, measuring them between his fingers, and scowling. I can save this cut. Lemme get my shears. Then it would start all over again, the awkward haircut that grew out some and had a few decent weeks, then was suddenly too long for the dress code.

A never-ending cycle. Yeah, sure. You not too proud to let him help you. Almost—it still be hard for you. But you got trust built up between the two of you now. I whipped around. Crash was gone, and there was Miss Mattie, big and glossy-skinned mahogany, fanning herself with her paper St. Anthony fan. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary For the past dozen years, Victor Bayne has solved numerous murders by interrogating witnesses only he can see—dead witnesses.

Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. I supposed that was something to be thankful for. But only somewhat. Must run in the family. They are activated during the events of The Anarch and go on a rampage, causing much carnage and, um, woe.

Story Category: Suspense and Thriller

And if so, how? During or after Verghast and the Zoican war? And why is it important that.

Gol Kolea remembers being told Yoncy was originally a boy, but then she is a girl? I read but cannot find a reference this was a continuity error by Dan Abnett, later acknowledged in-universe by the characters, but why does it matter? If Sek wanted to replace Yoncy with a woe machine, why change its gender? He didn't find it necessary to change Dalin's, so male-looking woe machines are feasible. So what was the point? Just a joke by Abnett acknowledging he made a mistake?

I am well aware none of this is answered in the novel series, because I've read them all. But maybe Dan Abnett has hinted at an answer in an interview, or in the Sabbat Crusade book? Gol Kolea had two sons, but both died in Vervunhive. His mind was tampered with at some point after he was saved by the Saint. Her 'miracle healing' drew on warp energies, which made him more susceptible to the warp. The bad shadow straight up tells him as much.

The woe machines were created by Heritor Asphodel, who is dead. Sek found them and figured out how to use them, but he didn't make them. Dalin and Yoncy were 'rescued' by the regiment on the same world Asphodel was killed on. He put them there. Sek is obviously a Tzeentch sorcerer. That means he's a cunning intellectual with prophetic powers. He foresaw that Gaunt and his Ghosts would rise to greatness. Probably that Gaunt would become Warmaster. Then he could activate them and wipe everyone out at once. He didn't need to know when it would happen, only that it eventually wound.

And I imagine Tzeentch told him. As for the boy girl thing I imagine they were already made by the time he got his hands on them. A boy and a girl, and they looked the way they were built. So he had to work with what he had. If that means altering some dudes memories so he thinks he had a son and daughter, on well. The idea that they were replaced before or during the Zoican War on Verghast doesn't make sense to me for a couple of major reasons.

The first is that, if they are infiltrators, they're a child and a baby at this point and can't meaningfully participate in the conflict. They would have a role to play in a longer war, but Asphodel isn't planning on a long war. He has a plan that so far as he knows will completely level Vervunhive in about two months.

If he had any inkling that this plan wouldn't work and he'd need a backup, he wouldn't have personally accompanied the Spike. As it was, because he and his propaganda broadcasts were cut short, his troops were routed. Another problem is the chain of custody: except for a few brief encounters towards the end of the book, Tona Criid spends all of Necropolis from the very first chapter with Dalin and Yoncy. If there was a switch during the book, it would have to be at the climax, while Asphodel is at the cusp of victory - hardly the time to be worrying about infiltrating the enemy.

He is clearly set on a plan of annihilation; his troops even encircled Vervunhive to gun down refugees on the north bank of the river. If he wanted to infiltrate other Imperial cities, he would've inveigled his infiltrators among those refugees and allowed them to escape. It's worth remembering too that Asphodel didn't need infiltrators, because he'd brought High Master Salvator Sondar under his sway. Why bother to sneak in a few fake grunts when you've already got the boss?

It's possible that another Chaos warlord placed them in Vervunhive before the beginning of the book, not knowing about what would happen. Or perhaps knowing, and knowing they would survive - but if Chaos is providing that level of foreknowledge, why did any of the Salvation's Reach mission happen? To say nothing of the events of Traitor General , or the trap in Sabbat Martyr.