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In some traditions this term is interchangeable, in others it is left for the highest of masters. Below is a beautiful piece from a book on this topic, I feel it accurately clarifies what is being spoken here. Guru is a compound of two words, gu and ru. In the West the word guru is often misused. In India this word is used with reverence and is always associated with holiness and the highest wisdom. It is a very sacred word. It is seldom used by itself, but always with its suffix, deva. When we travel through all of the spiritual traditions and teachings over the past several thousand years, there are many masters who have walked.

When we look at the teachings that directly came from these individuals, we see similar messages, and at times identical messages in which come through. Messages of identical nature coming from those who spoke their direct experience of truth. Never having come in contact with each other, living in different centuries or on completely different places on the planet.

They were not parroting what each other were saying, they were speaking directly from the experience that they were embodying. This of course naturally begs the question, how is this possible? No matter the culture the background, the language, the message is still the same or very similar. Naturally, as we seek on our path, we find all of the similarities that are at the core of every path or teaching.

We see this divine blueprint in which comes back to a singular source in which when realized, brings clarity to the actuality and reality of pure awareness and eternal oneness. This very ONE. It is this way of perceiving the guru in which preserves the egoic mind, increasing its avoidance tendencies of putting its weapons of distraction, rationalization and justification down. This is naturally why the Master or the Guru is the ultimate gift. Those who think of the guru as a body or as a man do not understand this pious word.

If a guru comes to think that his power is his own, then he is a guide no more. The guru is tradition; he is a stream of knowledge. That stream of knowledge goes through many channels. But when a human being allows himself to be used as a channel for receiving and transmitting by the Power of Powers, then it happens. And for that, a human being should learn to be selfless. Usually love is mingled with selfishness. This is what we call love in the world. But when you do actions selflessly in a spontaneous way, then that is really love.

Genuine gurus cannot live without selflessness, for selfless love is the very basis of their enlightenment.

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They radiate life and light from the unknown corners of the world. The world does not know them, and they do not want recognition. The willingness, humility, openness and simply empting of Mind through Self-Inquiry is required by the seeker for one to be ready to be purified by this grace. So as you can see, and most likely are already directly experiencing, the pointer of their only being ONE guru is that there is only ONE Self in which all are seeking to realize.

So as one comes to see this truth, they see that the various forms the Guru can take is truly infinite.

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When one thinks of a Guru or Master they are more practically thinking of a human being. A physical guru or master. So the True Guru, the energy in which pours through the physical body is not human, physical, or having any attributes for that matter. It is pure divine source. Now this manifestation of course flows through a physical bodymind in which has a personality, habits and traits.

What appears in front of you as the physical Guru or Master, is a human. A human with the same common desire,s tendencies, ideas as any other human, just like YOU. Our perfectionist mind creates an image and expectation around it. With this, it is bound to be set up for disappointment. As the human form will never live up to these fantasy like perceptions of what they perceive this human to be. It is true, there may be some common qualities as to what an Enlightened or Self-Realized Guru may act like. Core principles and ethics that one may live by. Though in actuality, this is not so glamorous and idealistic as the mind likes to assume.

This simply is a result of conditioning on this physical dimension. A lack of integrity of teachers not abiding in what they are speaking, breaking trust with followers, disciples and students. Both the Guru and the student with a false expectation or idea around the concept of enlightenment.

In many ways avoiding or suppressing the human nature, with inevitable consequences. I do feel that in the times we are in, there is a shifting to a perfection even within the physical realm. This is simply due to the boundless data we have available, advancement in technology and spreading of knowledge.

Regardless of this however, the physical imperfections have no real effect on one who is completely realized in truth. There have been many public and well known spiritual teachers who have come and gone over our history. Coming from all types of backgrounds, systems, religions and paths. This is of course tricky, as up until now it can only be confirmed inwardly by the one who is self-realized, and outwardly by one who is also self-realized. The ignorance is on both sides. As I have spoken about before, and will be covering in our upcoming multi-part blog post series, is my work with the LOC Level of consciousness calibration system.

The system is broken down into some core stages in which directly reflect most if not all spiritual paths in some form. The system ranges from 30 to which is a log base 10 ascending sequence exponential growth — ie. NOTE: I do not view this system as ABsolute nor any system I find it to be yet another useful tool amongst many that can be used to converse about this topic… for as long as this needed. This system has been worked upon by a few core individuals, the most famous being David Hawkins, but more recently redeveloped by a Spiritual Teacher RAMAJI, who in my opinion is more accurate with his descriptions of the stages, along with having a more accurate quantification method.

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So how is one calibrated? This is a well known method used within the intuitive scientific community. Yes I said scientific, with enough tests, we surely can come to empirical data. This is what is occurring with the LOC system. In my view, one should be at for them to accurately with little to no influence get a correct calibration on the object they are calibrating.

With a larger group we can and will find consistent patterns in the calibrations. As of course this is the main argument against using a calibration method as it is not consistent.. I agree.

The basis of this is that complete and total enlightenment, Nirvikalpa Samahid, Buddha nature, Nirvana, or Braham Absolute Supreme Realization is calibrated at This is the supreme goal of all humans. I will be getting into this list in future posts, along with in our mentioned session with Ramaji. As one can see, many of the most popular teachers in the scene at the moment are not at the end of their seeking. Now two points to this, although I do resonate with many of these calibrations, some I do not, I do not believe all of that are absolutely accurate.

Second, this was done in , some if not probably all have increased in some way. The times we are in are naturally elevating everyone. Well I can draw from my personal experience on this one and can relate it to many others we can observe in the teaching scene. For the master at , there is nothing really to outright teach another. It is moreso a constant space of responding to the moment. Responding to questions, attending to each moment as it arises. As one is so deeply en rooted in the awe of the moment, deeply reverent to all that is arising. Two main things that arise with this.

On one hand, we are to question the integrity. If what one is communicating is not what is being lived, why are we listening to it? This leads to the next important point is that the energy behind the words is not integrated, thus it is weak, with little potency to transform. It is why so many have spoken of some of the power of the silent grace in which transmitted from the greatest sages that have walked. Ramana Maharshi for instance, who has maybe influenced the most teachers than any other in our modern times.

Mostly, through his silent transmission and supremely simple method of self-inquiry.

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Now, without the calibration system, one can still naturally intuit the level of a master by means of this deep rooted energy transfer. Of course, many novice seekers, will not be able to tell the difference, and they are generally the ones who many end up following one who is not truly there, while of course still receiving benefit. I am not trying to say that ONLY those at LOC are useful or only to be listened to, though naturally on my journey I only wanted to find the best.

I did not understand this until later, though it stuck with me. In this case, the master, who will completely destroy all falsehood and guide you back to your SELF. The relationship with the SATguru or Master is the supreme relationship. In essence, this relationship is the pinnacle representation of unconditional love in relative form.

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To be capable of loving many others in many forms, one must love themselves first. The self in which is being spoken of course is not the physical person.

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It is the very source in which interconnects all people, all beings. This self can be directly intuited when in the presence of one who is realized.

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As one moves through their journey, they become more and more able to subtly listen to this intuitional heart pull. At times one will progressively move through various teachers until they do find this one who can provide the direct experience of grace. Other times, it may be the first master they ever connect with which is this very conduit.

The typical reason for the long term relationship and devotion to the guru is so the qualities of this supreme relationship can be cultivated and completely known. In past times, the long term connection was required for this, though in modern times this is being transcended. Really, the only thing required is for one to experience the direct unconditional love in which comes by way of humbling opening oneself to the Guru.

This can happen instantly upon meeting, this can also happen by way of one just intending on connecting with the person, deity or object in which represents the essence of the Guru to you.

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This, in essence is a form of devotional prayer in which most religions are built upon. This love transcends what most view or understand as love, it is true unconditional love in which burns through all ignorance, all falsehood. About a year and a half later, he grew weary of the restaurant world and began to search for something to dedicate his life. One day, a friend brought him to a yoga class. He felt a connection to the practice.

Just how Dharma expresses himself when meeting his guru. Many times when he talks, I have goosebumps. My spirit is recognizing something. Sri Dharma is always transmitting knowledge psychically during class to those who are channeled to receive it. No matter how far, through the yoga practice, Yiannis communicates with the master:. I took everything he told me in my heart. Time stops. The realization keeps growing and growing as the practice reveals what we need to know and what we need to learn. Jerome Burdi is a Brooklyn native who discovered yoga during a shamanic retreat in Brazil in He left his job as a newspaper journalist to go to Rishikesh, India, and become a yoga teacher.